Emantic Bradford Jr. was killed in Hoover, Alabama by Police. Mr. Bradford, who served this country, was attempting to help people escape a mall shooting.

Attorney Ben Crump told the TJMS crew that Mr. Bradford’s parents found out that their son was killed on social media and “to add insult to injury,” the police officer who killed him was called a hero. Officers saw Mr. Bradford with a gun in his had and shot and killed him believing that he was the shooter. He was not.

Crump says the family has been saying, “hoover you’ve lied to us before, the police don’t need to say no more, release the video.” Crump believes if Bradford had made one wrong move the video would have immediately been released, but the delay leads him to believe the shooting was in no way justified.

This further proves that the “good guy with a gun” will stop a mass shooting doesn’t work if you’re Black. Crump says when cops see a Black person with a gun, “they shoot and kill them and ask questions later.”

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