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(Cobb County Sheriff’s Office via AJC)

A Georgia man has been indicted on murder charges in the death of his wife and unborn baby, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

According to the AJC, a grand jury on formally charged 57-year-old Elvin Durant with malice murder and feticide (the voluntary manslaughter of an unborn child) along with other counts on Nov, 1.

His wife, Crystal Durant, 38, was eight weeks pregnant when he allegedly murdered her.

Durant allegedly attacked his wife around 2:20 a.m. on Aug. 25. He reportedly stabbed her “several times” with a black folding knife in the head and back of the neck, according to a warrant.

The woman’s 19-year-old son tried to protect his mother, the AJC reports, But he stabbed the teen in his upper thigh.

Prior to the murder, police were called to the home on July 30. Crystal Durant told investigators that she left the house after being “sexually assaulted by her husband” and found two televisions destroyed when she came back.

Police noted that the two TVs appeared to have water damage, but the warrant reportedly makes no other mention of the alleged sexual assault.

He was charged with felony criminal damage and jailed for less than three days before bonding out, the AJC reports.

In the murder case, Durant has been in jail without bond since late August.

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3 thoughts on “Man Indicted For Allegedly Stabbing Pregnant Wife, Baby To Death

  1. Really dude, at 57–Your dumbass never heard of using a damn CONDOM!!!!!!
    This POS should be charged with 2 counts of MURDER.
    Killing his pregnant girlfriend, then their unborn child!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope his cellmates beat the black off of this turd!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rotting in prison is way too good for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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