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Of course Tasha turns on the waterworks – tears just flowing, saying nothing ever works out for her. It’s crazy because you almost feel bad for her until you remember she’s married, too and working with the enemy to bring down the Greenleafs.

Right in the middle of her performance, Bishop (Keith David) walks in and interrupts their little interaction. Jacob lies and tells him that Tasha just lost a dear friend and she’s grieving.

Bishop is at Jacob’s church unannounced to try to gain some clarity on what’s going on with Zora. Now that he’s out of the house, it’s almost like he’s out of the family altogether. He’s the last to know about Zora and Jacob doesn’t make it any better by basically dismissing Bishop’s inquiries.

Bishop is desperately trying to hold onto his place as the patriarch of the family but he’s getting phased out. He goes home to as Mae for help in making sure the family still knows he’s the head of the Greenleafs, but couldn’t even open the gate of his own home because Mae done up and changed the code. He’s definitely being phased out and Mae has no remorse. She tells  he only has a friend in Jesus.

Grace (Merle Dandridge) is still working hard on this domestic violence case. She’s managed to pull some strings to get Coralie (Bethany Lind) out of jail. The District Attorney is playing the villain and trying his best to make sure Coralie is convicted. He goes to Grace to offer a plea deal for Coralie and basically threatens her to make sure that Coralie takes it. He reminds her that he’s the reason she got off from the pre-meditated murder charge of her uncle and if she doesn’t convince Coralie to take the deal, he can and will cause trouble for her.

The plea deal offers Coralie 20 years with the possibility of parole after 15.  Right now, all Coralie wants to do is see her children, and guess who makes that happen – Rochelle Cross (LeToya Luckett).

It’s nice to know people in high places and Rochelle just so happens to have a friend who works over at CPS (Child Protective Services) who arranges a visit with the kids. This mysterious friend is allegedly a young woman who Rochelle once mentored in the big sister program. Or so she says. But you know she’s always lying and up to no good.

Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) is becoming a grief counselor in her own right. She’s spending more time over at the funeral home with families who’ve lost loved ones and she’s pretty good at it. She may have found her calling outside of singing. Even Percy sees it. He offers her a check, a full time job and even the opportunity to continue to run the funeral home after he’s dead and gone. For right now, she’s just happy that someone can see her value but she hasn’t fully signed on to take the job. She did take that check, though!

Wanda J. Coppage is a full -time Music Director at an Urban AC radio station, journalist and proud Virginia State University alum – Go Trojans! As a music enthusiast who can’t go a day without hearing R&B/Soul or Classic Hip Hop as well as a TV passionista, why not live a life that covers both?  





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