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Well let’s jump right on in to the mess of last night’s episode seven.

Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) and Bishop (Keith David) are still at odds and at each other’s throats.

While she’s making plans for her annual Day with Lady Mae, Bishop is making plans of his own to dig himself out from under the tax man.

With Maxine Patterson (Patti Labelle) being the special guest this year for Mae’s event, much more planning and budgeting is required. Maxine is something like a big deal so they need to get a bigger venue, get a caterer and beef up security. That’s going to cost a pretty penny so Mae has to dip into her and Bishop’s shared account to cover the cost of some preliminary expenses. But, to her surprise, Bishop has already beat her to the punch and cleaned out that account.

In his defense, he did go to her and ask her for her permission to take the money. He wants to invest in Rochelle Cross’ (LeToya Luckett) Crypto Currency business, which is supposed grant a pretty nice profit in all of two weeks. Bishop goes to Mae and tells her all about it, and how he’s already invested what he has from his own personal account but, he wants more from their shared.

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