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Dove is a brand that has committed itself to women and girls loving themselves through body positivity and self-esteem. This Saturday they are continuing their movement with the help of Shonda Rhimes. They are launching ‘Girl Collective,’ a sisterhood meant to challenge beauty stereotypes and build self-confidence through their existing Dove Self Esteem Project.

Dove revealed that “6 in 10 girls believe that to do well in life they have to look a certain way.” Let that sink in. Outside voices and influences affect young girls in a manner that they often aren’t even fully be able to realize until the damage is already done. Dove is combatting this by changing the message.

Leading up to the International Day Of The Girl, this day will be full of workshops to empower girls and women with the necessary tools and advice to be and feel their best selves. To make it even stronger, American Eagle is also supporting and powering this event too! The workshops will include things like: Skin Deep – Exploring Your Beauty Identity, More Like Me – Expanding Representation in Media & Entertainment, Girl Redefined – Challenging Gender Stereotypes, From “The Gram” To The Ground – Stepping Into Your Role As A Body Positive Ally.

Even though the event is only one day, the message and purpose will continue on through an ongoing community Dove has created via Facebook. You can join and keep up with all the action, here. This will be a place for girls’ and women that want to connect with each other and get inspired to take action. You’re next co-leader could be waiting for you in this group!

Watch the above for more information and if you want to know how to become involved, click here.



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