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NRA national spokesperson Dana Loesch, who previously smeared Philando Castile by telling a fictional tale about his actions leading up to a police officer shooting him, said the Dallas man (Botham Jean) who was fatally shot by a police officer entering the wrong apartment last week might have survived if he had been “a law-abiding gun owner.”

As noted by Media Matters, during the September 10 edition of her NRATV program Relentless, Loesch suggested that Jean could have used a firearm to defend himself. Meanwhile, Castile had a permit to carry a concealed weapon when he was fatally shot in 2016 during a traffic stop by St. Anthony Police Department officer Jeronimo Yanez after he informed Yanez he had a gun.

But Castile’s mom, Valerie, told the New York Daily News that Loesch is “asinine” to suggest Jean might still be alive today if was packing.

“My son was a licensed gun owner and it didn’t help him. He’s dead because he gave that information to an officer,” she said in a phone interview Wednesday.

“(Jean) was in his own home. Inside a nice building with security. He had a right to feel safe in his own home. He wasn’t expecting someone to come in uninvited. He shouldn’t have to always keep a gun on his hip. That’s asinine.”

“That officer was dead wrong. Just hold her accountable. Don’t try to spin the story. My son was a good guy, and (the NRA) tried to spin it. The truth is, he’s dead for being honest and telling the truth,” Valerie added.

While calling the Castile shooting “awful,” during the broadcast of “The Dana Show,” Loesch said of the incident: “You can get mad about it. I mean it’s sad, you can get mad at me for telling you what is on the video. I’m not responsible for it, I’m just telling you what is there.”

She then proceeded to make false claims about what video of the shooting showed.

“Castile didn’t say that he had a concealed carry permit, he just said he had a gun,” which, according to Loesch, is what “you’re supposed to [do] when you’re pulled over.”

But under Minnesota law, Castile had no obligation to inform the officer he had a gun or a concealed carry permit. However, he did tell the killer officer, “Sir, I have to tell you that I do have a firearm on me,” which suggests he was trying to inform the officer, the report states.

“If I would have just told the cop that I had a gun and I was grabbing my waistband 10 times, I would have gotten shot too,” Loesch said.

She also made the excuse that the killer cop Yanez was “nervous” because he was “new,” and was “stressed out” and saying, “It didn’t help after [when] it came out that he had pot in the car and all of this stuff.”