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Family and friends were preparing the funeral services for Botham Shem Jean less than a week after the 26-year-old Black man was gunned down in his own home by an off-duty police officer in Dallas. Officer Amber Guyger entered Jean’s apartment before shooting him to death on Thursday night.

The suspicious incident that reportedly spawned multiple excuses for Guyger confusing her apartment with Jean’s has fluctuated wildly and prompted a number of questions from the victim’s family.

“The number one answer that I want is what happened,” Botham’s mother, Allison Jean, said during a press conference Monday in Dallas. “I have asked too many questions and I have been told there are no answers yet. I look forward to all the powers that be that they come up with the answers to make me most satisfied that they are doing what is in the best interest of Botham.”

The initial reports were that Guyger said her fob key didn’t work on the lock to he apartment. After Jean reportedly opened the door, Guyger shot and killed him. But after a couple of days of not being arrested and perhaps working with police to massage her alibi, it was reported that Jean’s door was actually unlocked.

That most recent, updated version of Guyger’s narrative was supplied by a police affidavit and seemed to imply that Jean died because he didn’t follow “her verbal commands.” As a result, according to the affidavit, Guyger had no choice but to shoot twice at “a large silhouette.”

A vigil was held Saturday at the Dallas West Church of Christ, the same place where Jean’s funeral has been planned to take place. Funeral services were scheduled to begin at noon on Thursday, with a viewing scheduled to take place from 10 a.m. to noon.

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One thought on “Details Announced For Botham Shem Jean’s Funeral In Dallas After Suspicious Police Shooting

  1. Why do he have to comply to demands in his home. You are the intruder you better be glad you didn’t get shoot. The woman cop on the outside why did she phone in the there is someone in the apartment she thought was hers? She could have about come out with your hands up and waited. Maybe while waiting she could realize at some point she had the wrong apt. She really need to pay for this.

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