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Kino Jimenez Mug Shot KHOU11

Kino Jimenez, 30, is facing charges of theft of person, a state jail felony, after viral video showed him pulling a 16-year-old’s “MAGA” hat off of his head and throwing the teen’s drink in his face.

The video, taken by the teen at a San Antonio Whataburger, shows Jimenez blasting the teen for his apparent support of Donald Trump.

“You ain’t supporting shit,” Jimenez could be heard saying.


According to KHOU11, police tracked down Jimenez and arrested him on July 6 on a warrant for theft of person. He was booked and released later the same day on $5,000 bond.

Police returned the boys hat but he also got a new hat signed by Mr. MAGA himself, Donald Trump. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the incident.

Jimenez’s trial is scheduled to begin on Oct 19. If convicted, he could face up to two years in state jail, according to My San Antonio.

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8 thoughts on “Man Indicted For Allegedly Stealing Teen’s ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat

  1. African American Woman on said:

    I’m by far no Trump fan; but assaulting someone over a dumb hat is just as stupid as wearing that hat. This guy should be prosecuted for ASSAULT. If this were my kid; he wouldn’t need a trial…I’d be judge, jury and executioner. Some of you all sound freaking ridiculous by desperately trying to find weak excuses to justify this grown man attacking a child. HYPOCRITES.

  2. Justbeingme on said:

    race play has alot to do with many cases that ocurred. because majority of the time our brown or black asses are always gettiing serve more time for minor crimes or be convicted of crimes we didnt committi in comparison to the whites asses. and majority of the time the white asses dont get convicted or serve time for tje many crimes they have committed and are still committing.

    • Blacks commit a disproportional amount of Murder assault and robbery those are facts , even if you take into account mass shootings by whites it still doesn’t account for our 13% of the population yet committing 57% of the murders but back to your assertion that whites don’t get convicted,,,, you do know that there are more white people in prison than black and it’s the black congressmen in the 80’s that pushed for stiffer sentences because of what the drug trade was doing to black community’s something Democrats and liberal black so called leaders no longer care about (Hello Chicago DC Oakland Compton CA- Malt-lika-Max’s district Camden NJ- Corey Booker’s district)

  3. tedgravely on said:

    I understand that this was a criminal act. This man was flat out wrong. If it was my kid he attacked, I would be pissed. However, for the prosecutors to charge this as a felony is ridiculous. Once again, our corrupt system overcharging minorities. Remember nasty white racist Brianna Rae Brochu. All misdemeanors for poisoning her black roommate by rubbing tampon blood on her bag and sticking her toothbrush inside her anus; and did not face jail time. Let’s see if he gets the same punishment or should be less than James Franklin McGraw. You remember the old man who suckered punched a black guy at an Orange rally. For physically punching a guy, he received a suspended 30-day jail sentence and a year on unsupervised probation. Yeah that’s right. So now the Prosecutor really throws the book at a guy for this. Kino is an idiot, but let’s see how our system of corrupt justice handled this.

    • Your argument is baseless crime and punishment are different for all jurisdictions in this land, OJ Simpson probably would have been found guilty in another jurisdiction
      What may get you the death penalty in one state could get you life with parole in another you also fail to take into account that Kino Jimenez has priors something many young black offenders fail to take into account when committing crimes I remember a story of a YBM getting life for stealing a pizza what the article didn’t mention was he had 2 prior felonys and he assaulted the delivery man, so yeah in Mr. Jimenez case I have NO problem with a stiff sentence he’s someone who like Antifa has no respect for the rights of others to have different opinions and to make matters worse he’s a grown ass man assaulting a 16yo, race has nothing to do with it if you don’t want your BLACK/BROWN ass in jail don’t do things that put you there

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