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Actress Countess Vaughn says she’s in an abusive relationship. She alleges her longtime boyfriend David Benjamin Richard Whitten threw bleach in her face and now she’s seeking an order of protection. She adds that she’s been victimized by Whitten for years.


TMZ is reporting that the ’90s sitcom star claims Whitten threw bleach at her face back in June to keep her from working.

She goes on to say in legal documents that Whitten goes into insecure mode anytime she moves up in her career. When that’s happened, she’s had to endure years of physical, verbal and emotional abuse from him — including alleged slapping, beating, strangulation, and sexual assault.

She also confessed that her boyfriend threatened to leak explicit videos of her and even threatened to kill her at times. The article says she’s got a couple kids — one with Whitten — whose safety for whom she fears if Whitten is allowed to have contact with them.

Here’s the bottom line: an L.A. judge signed off — ordering him to say 100 yards clear of her and her children — at least until a hearing on the matter is held next month.


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7 thoughts on “Countess Vaughn Granted A Restraining Order After Alleging Severe Abuse

  1. Phyllis on said:

    Please if possible move yourself and your family someplace safe. Those TROs often trigger violent actions from the abuser. Please be safe.

  2. And since most stalkers and abusers have no regard for the law, otherwise they wouldn’t do what they do, she should start going to the gun range. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

  3. tedgravely on said:

    I pray she is safe. If the order is granted, I hope she steers clear. How she stayed with him all this time without being a wife is insane. Ladies demand more for yourselves. Countess is beautiful. Get away from this fool before you lose more than just time.

  4. I never understand why women stay with guys who beat, abuse and use them. Why not leave after it happens the first time! This behaviour does not get better, it always worsens.

  5. Leslie on said:

    Temporary Restraining Orders are fairly easy to obtain, I just hope that the judge grants her a permanent restraining order after the hearing, and that she musters up the strength to resist going back to him-EVER! He’s probably even more abusive now that she has lost all of that weight, and no matter what he says, he’ll likely never change.

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