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A 12-year-old Michigan girl was left with serious burns after attempting the “Fire Challenge” with friends; now she’s in the hospital and expected to need several surgeries.

Timiyah Landers’ mother, Brandi, is speaking out about the dangerous online challenges that are popular with many young people. Her daughter set herself ablaze Friday night and photos online show Landers wearing body-suit of bandages. According to kron4.com, her Her burns are very severe, and her recovery will be painful and long

“I could have lost my baby, by the grace of God, she’s alive. If I wasn’t home, I would have walked in to my baby dead.”

The “Fire Challenge” is done by pouring a flammable liquid on yourself and setting yourself on fire. It’s usually captured on camera and shared across social media. Landers reportedly has 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 49 percent of her body.

“Just laying their in pain, the tears in her eyes, it kills me – Watching her suffer, due to what her and her friends done,” her mother said.

Last Friday, Brandi says she heard a commotion outside of her bedroom, like a popping sound and “Next thing I know she come running through the hallway past my bedroom, going into the bathroom on fire.”

According to the report, Brandi and her fiance extinguished the blaze and rushed her daughter to the hospital. Now, she says she is “very scared.”

“My daughter knew better, she know her right from her wrong,” her mother said, and she also had this to say to say to all parents: “Monitor your kids, especially if a friend come over and say ‘hey I tried it before – let’s do it. It was fun.’ With me, it was a blink of my eye and now my daughter is fighting for her life.”

Timiyah’s father noted his anger at the sites that show these disturbing images which influence impressionable kids.

“The fire challenge is what caused this,” Timothy Landers said. “They need to delete this mess. It should be censored. Things like that should be censored. That’s nothing that a kid’s supposed to come across,” her mother said.

His daughter will reportedly remain hospitalized for several more months and require multiple surgeries.

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13 thoughts on “‘Fire Challenge’ Leaves 12-Year-Old Michigan Girl With Severe Burns Over Half Her Body [Video]

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    Hahahahaha aha haha ha ha aha Hahahahaha aha haha ha ha aha Hahahahaha aha haha ha ha aha Hahahahaha aha haha ha ha aha Hahahahaha aha haha ha ha aha 🤣 Y’all be having some ol’ stupid a s s children! Fire Challenge. Wow.

  2. tedgravely on said:

    I’m not going to be critical, just praying. You never know what your silly adventurous kids will do. Social media is a heck of a drug. On the surface, this sounds utterly ridiculous and you wouldn’t expect your kid to try it. However peer pressure is undefeated. Almost every kid has done at least one thing stupid in their life under peer pressure. I pray she recovers.

  3. I feel sorry for her mother. There is no greater pain than seeing your child suffer. This egg head will be reminded of her stupidity every day for the rest of her life, every time she looks into a mirror. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  4. “The ‘Fire Challenge’ is done by pouring a flammable liquid on yourself and setting yourself on fire. It’s usually captured on camera and shared across social media.”—SMH. F–that!

  5. “The fire challenge is what caused this.”…….no Dad, your daughter not being able to make a sound, logical decision is what caused this. What would make you think on any day of the week that it was okay to set yourself on fire? Where are her friends who challenged her?…..somewhere real comfortable, not facing months and months of surgeries, skin grafts and rehab. Get these kids off this damn social media – – 12 years old, she should have been focusing on returning to school.

  6. OMG–I read this story online yesterday and saw photos of the young girl who was severely burned by playing this so called “fire challenge” game.

    FIRE is nothing to PLAY WITH.

    Thank God I only have good memories of the games I played back in the day.
    I don’t know what has gotten into the youth these days and what the parents are
    doing to STOP this madness.

    I hope the young lady can fully recover from her burns with skin grafts/ plastic surgery.
    My heart goes out to her and her family for the ordeal she will no doubt go thru.

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