An American Pastor was filmed physically assaulting a hostel worker in Uganda, and many across social media are wondering, “Gee… I wonder where he was radicalized?”

Ugandan police have arrested racist Jesus freak Jimmy L. Taylor from Florence, AZ after a Facebook video surfaced showing him physically assaulting employees at the Grand Imperial Hotel in the capital city of Kampala, The Root reports.

Watch the insanity go down via the clip above.

“Come on b*tch. Come on whore. I will f*ckin’ kill you. Feel me. F*ck Uganda. I come to help Uganda but Uganda hates Jesus,” Taylor is heard saying in the clip.


Video of the incident surfaced on the internet Friday and authorities quickly sprung into action, arresting the so-called Christian missionary and reported veteran. Taylor was filmed being led to Central Police Station where he is detained on charges of assault (watch clip above.)

The Kampala Post reports that there was also surveillance video of the incident.

In the 4-minute video, Taylor can be seen chasing an employee, cursing at him throwing various items, hitting him and hurling racial slurs — all in the name of Jesus.

Taylor calls the employees “n*ggers” and tells them that they have to obey him. He also threatens to kill them.

The Uganda Police Force reported that during his arrest, Taylor spat on them and became rowdy and uncontrollable. He also tried to disarm the arresting officers.

Under questioning, he admitted to attacking the hotel employee but blamed his outburst on an illness which causing him to stress out and act abusively toward Black folks.

According to The Post, Taylor is currently being detained at Central Police Station Kampala while the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Some folks on social media have noted that he appears to be a self-appointed ‘pastor’ who’s Facebook profile showcases the ramblings of a “crazy old racist drunk white man,” observed Twitter user.

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