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There’s a good chance you’ve heard about Fenty Beauty. After all, every girl around the block has!

Rihannas original cosmetic collection was released in September 2017 and since then it has changed the tide of the beauty industry.

More than RiRi’s popularity, the brand garnered attention for its inclusivity as it outsold all other brands by catering to women of all skin tones.The brand’s trademark product is the foundation the Pro Filt’r foundation that offers not ten or twenty shades of skin tones!

But rather it breaks all boundaries and offers 40 different shades of foundation for the women who had previously been ostracized by the beauty market.T his ‘beauty for all’ motto has hit all the right chords in the consumers!

Why are African-American women feeling empowered by Fenty Beauty?

Now the men reading this may roll their eyes and think this is just makeup. However, we would like to tell you that it may be just makeup for you but for the average women of color, this opens doors to a whole new world. Women with deep tones have finally found a product that speaks to them.

Here are the many reasons why this product matters:

The Campaign

True to her word, RiRi showed the world that she is not ‘all talk’. The brand advertisement steered clear of whitewashing the models and presenting a diverse cast of brand ambassadors. We saw diverse beauties like Duckie Thot, Halima Aden, Slick Woods and Leomie Anderson leading the pack.

This was the first time our women were represented on the front and center. Before now, a Black model was propped up in the side as an afterthought.

The Emotional Connect

Did you know girls were crying on the counters at Sephora? They had finally found their match!

Retailers may not have all the space for the ‘5o shades of beige’ on their shelves but the consumers definitely have a demand for it! The snide remarks from Sephora employees don’t matter when the brand is being showered with love from all over the world.

Previously, many Black women with a deep skin tone used to be sent away from the counter. Few makeup brands sold a foundation that perfectly matched their skin. Moreover, those belonging to a mixed background or a different ethnicity were too at a loss for the perfect shade.

However, Fenty Beauty debunked this myth and ‘made a formula that worked for all skin tones’.

The Power

Cosmetics have always given women power. It is seen as a tool to enhance their features and beauty. Fenty Beauty gives our women the power to rock a ‘perfect skin’ with a range that doesn’t make them ‘ashy’.

Here’s to the ‘no makeup’ look we had all only dreamed of!