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A frustrated Ohio judge has apologized for ordering a man in his courtroom be duct-taped, but only after the fallout of his decision went viral on social media. Judge John J. Russo says armed robbery defendant Franklyn Williams would not let his lawyers speak on his behalf and kept interrupting and disrespecting his courtroom. But in retrospect, Russo now feels the situation could have been handled differently.


In retrospect, while there is legal precedent for gagging a defendant to keep order in a court, I apologize for taking that action last week,” Russo said in a statement to the court, according to WEWS.

“My decision to end your outburst came after I had exhausted every other attempt to restore order to a hearing you continuously impeded. Despite many warnings for you to stop your frequent and offensive outbursts — I believe it was over 60 interruptions in 54 minutes — you continued to interrupt and hinder the legal procedures of the court, procedures that are designed to protect your rights, the rights of your victims and the justice system,” Russo reportedly continued. “It escalated to the point that, that as a judge, it was my responsibility to take control of the hearing.”




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5 thoughts on “Judge Apologizes For Ordering Duct-Tape For Talkative Defendant

  1. Apologizing is just about the worst thing Judge Russo could have done. Now he will have virtually no control over his courtroom. When are people going to start standing by their decisions and convictions and stop apologizing every time someone starts hoopin’ and hollerin’?
    Say what you mean and mean what you say. Especially if you’re a judge.

  2. Alberta on said:

    Criminals got it real good in America…just saying. Go to Mexico or the D.R with the crap our ppl be doing they’ll be calling on Jesus all day & night. They won’t be thinking about having sex with other men or fighting each other. LOL Criminals got it too good in America..just saying. Jokers can get an education & everything Shut da heck up if the judge says shut up.

  3. Alberta on said:

    So what the judge can do that what’s the problem? LOL shut da heck up already. LOL parents demand respect judges should as well..Don’t judge the judge you & I would probably do the same thing. Negro in trouble thinks he can keep saying & doing whatever he please no you can’t!

  4. tedgravely on said:

    Oh so there was a better way. Now that the judge (white man) is on record, let’s see if our three stooges, Stepin Fetchin, village idiots, and buffoons will come to the same conclusion. I mean these fools are in lock step with their masters, I’m sure that will say, “well yessir, it’s alright.” Mental midgets.

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