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(Photo credit: Screenshot ABC7)

Frederick Taft, 57, was attending a family reunion in a Long Beach, Calif., park over when he was shot and killed inside the restroom.

Relatives told the Los Angeles Times that they believe the doting grandfather was targeted because of his race.

The murder occurred at about 4:30 p.m. July 21 at Pan American Park, where between 40 and 50 people, most of whom were black, attended the family reunion.

Sakeena Christmon, a friend of Taft’s said that she saw a man carrying a rifle run out of the bathroom after the shooting. She described the man as wearing khaki shorts, calf-high socks and a fishing hat, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Taft was reportedly alone in the bathroom at the time of the shooting, Christmon believes that the killing was motivated by race, and premeditated.

“He came here on a mission to kill,” she insisted of the killer.

“It wasn’t a robbery. They didn’t take his wallet. So what else was it?” Mareatha Moore, the mother of Taft’s daughter, questioned, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Taft’s daughter, Corie, said that after the shooting, a softball player nearby told the family that his group had been harassed by a group of white men on bicycles who were hurling racial slurs. Shortly after that, a man pulled up in a white Prius, laughing and yelling something about a “187 in the park” (slang referencing section 187 of the California Penal Code which defines the crime of murder) before speeding off,  reports the Los Angeles Times.

According to ABC7, there was also a racial slur carved into a bench near where the family was gathered.

Long Beach police spokesperson Arantxa Chavarria, however, said that investigators had not “uncovered any evidence of a hate crime.”

“Evidence is still being collected and analyzed,” she told the Los Angeles Times.

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21 thoughts on “Family Believes Slaying Of Grandfather At Calif. Park Was A Hate Crime

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  2. Cal Davis on said:

    Don’t fall for the bait and start a shooting war, we’re out gunned and out manned in this land of our captivity. Young brotha lost his life in FLA after being shot in chest by white crazy whowas berating girlfriend of victim for parking in handicap parking spot. I

  3. Jeffrey L Mackey on said:

    When are my brothas and sister gonna realize that we are at war with devils?? Dont you understand that these sneak attacks are going on around the country and we’re just simply turning the other cheek until it happens to us or a family member. Rise up my people and defend yourself, purchase arms and get the training you need to protect yourself. We just had an incident in Oakland when the young lady got her throat slashed. We wakeup and business as usual. Those days are over for marching and Praying, time to RISE UP AND FOLLOW MALCOLM X teachings!!

  4. Mrknowitall on said:

    fourth to fifty black people & know one saw the color of the shooter? The killer definatly is not European American.

  5. OK unless Khaki is now a race no description included a race of the perp, I’m not saying hate crimes can’t take place in CA (2 weeks ago a black woman beat a 91 yo Hispanic man telling him to go back to Mexico…hum I wonder why BAW never ran that story?

    • We’re not interested in defenders of the Aryan nation on this website. Find one sympathetic to you murders and butchers. Black people could go on a murdering rampage for the next fifty years, and it wouldn’t match the lives the white men have taken, since landing on Native American’s soil.

  6. americanize on said:

    Black America its not a joke,its serious we’re in a race war you have to be very aware especially around white folks,there hitting soft targets,practice ur 2nd amendments rights,get license to carry,this sh*t is serious.Black America you have no friends.

    • tedgravely on said:

      Americanize – I agree with the 2d Amendment part. I don’t understand why AAs are opposed to exercising their rights – all their rights. Get a legal license to carry and do so. The days of fist feet and hands is coming to an end. Now the race war part, I don’t know (not being argumentative). What I do think is we’re moving towards another revolution in this country. Like the Civil Rights Movement – it will be bloody. This time we have the means and the law on our side to stand our ground.

    • Good luck getting a carry license in CA or most other liberal states , as far as “race war” I’m far more concerned about being shot or assaulted by a fellow AA than any white person and crime stats bear that out

      • That’s a low down dirty coward to hide and wait for a kill. You see with the group harassing the softball team only they only gave lip service. They rode by, didn’t stop to confront the ball team. Completed my concealed weapon class a few weeks ago. Take time to do it people. It could determine life or death, for you or a loved one.

      • Jhuf is a damn fool, who doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. I live in a very conservative state, and AA are filling up the classes. Most of my friends carry concealed weapons. No trouble getting licenses, unless background doesn’t pass.

      • jhuff on said:

        Apparently you didn’t pay attention in school ether… “I live in a very conservative state”
        I clearly stated Liberal states CA NY it’s a wonder with your comprehension you were issued one

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