Shaun King: ‘They Don’t Even See Us As Fully Human’


Good Morning Everybody!

As you may know, on late Sunday evening, while riding the train in Oakland, a white man targeted two young Black women on the train, without ever saying a word to them, and killed one – a beautiful young soul named Nia Wilson, an 18 year old high school student, and critically injured her sister – stabbing and slashing them both with a knife – then simply walking away.

I spent all day yesterday doing everything I could to make this story into national news and was prepared this morning to come on and talk about how we needed to work harder to find Nia’s killer, but I am glad to report that at about 6pm West Coast time, John Lee Cowell, a brutal man with a history of violence across his entire life, was arrested and charged with Nia’s murder.

I wanna comment on a few things about this case that grieve me.

Nia Wilson, above all, was a teenage girl. She was a high school senior – the exact same age of my oldest daughter. And yesterday, after just a few hours of sharing her story, I saw something truly sick starting to unfold. First, a local news station in the Bay Area shared an image of Nia holding what looked like a gun. Why did they share that image? What were they trying to convey? And, as it turns out, she wasn’t holding a gun in that image, it was a cell phone case with a gun handle. It was a basically a gag – and the local news showed it like it said something about Nia’s character. She literally posted nearly 1,000 wonderful photos of her life on Instagram and Facebook, and they chose that one.

Even in death, local news media finds a way to demean us. It’s why I believe so much in having our own outlets, our own platforms, our own morning shows, where we define our own stories and narratives without that type of ugliness.

Secondly, last night in Oakland thousands of people, including members of Nia’s own family, showed up to her outdoor vigil. Now I don’t need to explain this to our listeners, but this was a moment of pain, and grief, and support. And white supremacists from the group Proud Boys, wearing red Make American Great Again hats, literally showed up to interrupt the vigil.

Let me pause right here for a moment.

Never – in the entire history of this country – will you find an example of white people coming together to grieve the brutal murder of their loved one – the day after it happened – only to have their grief physically interrupted by belligerent Black folk telling them that they are worthless. It’s never happened. It never will happen.

How cruel, how evil, how heartless, how crass, how foul do you have to be, how rotten must you be from the inside out, how dry and dead must your soul be – to have the idea that you want to interrupt grieving people and demean them the day after their loved one was murdered?

I wanna linger here for a moment because I think it gives us a real glimpse into the sick psychology of exactly who we are dealing with and fighting against. They interrupt our grief because they don’t even really see us as fully human.

Let me close with this final thought.

This morning I saw the video of the arrest of John Lee Cowell. Police don’t draw their guns. They don’t slam him to the concrete and put their knees into his back while putting on his handcuffs. They don’t Taser him. They don’t choke him.

You’d think they were arresting a man for writing a bad check or stealing a shirt from a department store.

And so often after we see a horrible incident of police brutality against Black folk, we talk about how American police need more training and better training. I’ve said that myself, but police show us over and over and over again – with white men who are considered armed and dangerous – who’ve just brutally murdered people – that they are fully willing and able to remain calm, and cool, and collected, and methodical – whenever they feel like it.

All these years we thought they needed to be trained on how to make a peaceful arrest – and it turns out they’re great at it – even with the most vicious and violent murderers – if they’re white.


We’re not saying that the police should’ve beaten or choked or shot or maimed or Tasered this man, we’re saying that we want unarmed, non-violent Black folk to get the same treatment American police are so willing able to give dangerous white murderers.



I’ve gotta run, but this injustice hit me like a ton of bricks. I know it did the same for so many of you. Love and appreciate you all.




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19 thoughts on “Shaun King: ‘They Don’t Even See Us As Fully Human’

  1. October on said:

    Just because someone has an opinion other than our won, does not make them racist. It’s just an opinion people, chill out.

    • African American Woman on said:

      The folks who still haven’t received the message that slavery ended in 1862 and that they are now free cant handle other black people who don’t buy into their woe is me repertoire. To them, its unfathomable that all black people don’t fear and obsess over white people.

      • Butter Pecan on said:

        Preach it AAW. Those still tapped by their own laziness on the plantation will attack you. There are easy to spot. #WalkAway

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Shaun King needs a hobby and some ritalin…he’s pathologically obsessed with race…someone must have hurt his feelings really bad before…”They don’t see us as fully human????” Really? To even utter something as pathetic as that translates to you don’t see yourself as fully human…you have NO idea if race was a factor in this incident or not…he sounds like a loose nut wing…why, why why are we so damn pathetic???!!!! I wish i would give a second thought to what anyone else thought or said about me…the black folk who succeed and rise above succeed DESPITE barriers…the ones that stay stagnant or keep falling lower and lower are the ones obsessed with white folks….I can’t believe i share the same race with some of these kinds of people…man, our grandparents, great grands and so on experienced REAL racism and hate and they did better than this pathetic generation of whiners…folks, no one can or will save you…so stop waiting and save yourself by bettering your own life…and PLEASE stop whining so damn much…

    • Aneka Mayes on said:

      Can you please sit your racist and ignorant self down somewhere please? Keep in mind I am fully aware that you are supposed to be African American. Which I doubt, by the way.

      • African American Woman on said:

        I don’t give a flying fuck what you believe. Take the white man’s dick out your mouth and maybe you’ll find that you don’t care what he thinks about you either.

      • americanize on said:

        You’re absolutely right Aneka African American coon is a white supremacist troll just don,t waste ur time with her racist azz.And the other racist trolls that comes on here everyday.

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        How dare you think and reason for yourself AAW. You instill fear amnogst the weak minded plantation dwellers like Aneka

  3. big Time on said:

    why are’nt we pooling our $s together to protect ourselves…. we now need our own armed surveillance forces of responsible protection… it seems to me they only protect their citizens… are you a citizen… so what do I teell my sons… nephews… and lil cousins now… we trying everything to comply with the law….

  4. Melvinowens on said:

    When you realize that white folks hate black people, you are not surprised by their behavior. I’m 66,and I know white folks can not be trusted

      • African American Woman on said:

        Hahahahahahahah! That’s why its so easy for others to play us…come into our neighborhoods and profit off of us, take us for granted, pull Kwames, Als and Jesses on us because too many of us are stuck on the old record-woe is me, that mean old white man doesn’t like me, so im not going to do anything but sit here and feel inferior…Bottom of every measurable benchmark folks…time to get the white man off your mind and start focusing on what we need to do to better ourselves…

    • Mac Attack on said:

      Melvin every time you open your mouth you really embarrass yourself. I’ll let Kates handle you this time around

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