Cynthia Horner Defends Joe Jackson: ‘He Deserved Respect’


Very few people can say that they were able to have and maintain a close relationship with the Jackson family. Cynthia Horner, CEO, Editor-In-Chief, and Publisher of Right On! Digital, had a relationship with the family that spanned decades. They were so close, that she had weekly meals with them.

The attention that Jackson got wasn’t always positive, but Horner says that wasn’t an accurate portrayal of him. “He was a really great person,” she said. Horner admits that he was tough on his children but says, “We have to respect what he did because discipline is very important.”

He knew that if he got his kids in front of the right people they would be stars, and he was right!

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11 thoughts on “Cynthia Horner Defends Joe Jackson: ‘He Deserved Respect’

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    I would love to hear the real story from the Jackson family, without the media spin. It sounds like Joe Jackson was a strict disciplinarian, yes, but it doesn’t sound like he did any more than most parents in that era. Oh, let me correct that. It doesn’t sound like he did any more than most BLACK parents in that era. Back then children were disciplined. They were taught respect of their elders. Children and parents were NOT friends. Home life was NOT democratic. Getting your butt whooped was NOT pleasant but, it was ALSO NOT abuse. Let’s not fall into that trap of labeling everything either abuse or racism. Two of the most misused words in the English language. We throw them around like we do the word ‘miracle’. “Oh it’s a miracle, he’s breathing!” “Oh, it’s a miracle, he can walk!” “Oh it’s a miracle, the sun is shining!” Give that man credit, he has definitely earned it. He raised a family of Stars, and they all were well mannered and respectful, even with the super talent they all have. No, not one of them is perfect. They all have flaws, but so do each and EVERY one of us!!!

  2. You’re 100% correct Cynthia, Joe Jackson deserves respect not this sugar honey ice tea he’s getting from the media and people who never even met him.
    I know he had outside kid(s) but his other accomplishments should not diminished, they should be held in high regards.

      • You say abuse.because thats what the media taught you to say. Maybe if the kids of today would get his kind of discipline, they would be more respectful and a lot less crime in our communities. I’ll take his over this crap we see today any day.

      • I was in fifth grade when one of my classmates was asked to come up to the teacher’s desk to write a cursive F. The teacher’s name was Ms. Conway. I’ll never forget her. Well, even though my classmate wrote the F in cursive, it wasn’t how Ms. Conway thought it should be written. Every time she wrote the F to the best of her ability, Ms. Conway would hit her exactly five times with a leather strap with holes in it. By the time she stopped, Nettie, my classmate’s legs were swollen and bleeding. This is what Michael and his brothers said happened to them every time they practiced a song and sang it out of tune. Only Joe The Disciplinarian used a switch. Now, imagine being a child and doing something the best you can and being hit every time you got it wrong. Do you still not look at this behavior as abusive? If you don’t think so, I can only hope you don’t have children. The one happy memory I have of Ms. Conway is Nettie’s mother coming to the school the next day and dragging her evil ass down the hallway, stopping every few steps to serve up a knuckle sandwich. The ironic thing is, Nettie probably to this very day still writes that cursive F the same way.

      • None of his kids have been to prision or committed acts of violence, especially as young adults.

  3. Mr. Jackson may have been a good father, but he was also a strict disciplinarian.
    His mission was to make his sons musical stars, however, he failed to realize that
    they were still kids.

    Michael Jackson obviously never grew up or had a normal childhood.
    This may have led to some of his weird/odd behaviors.

    Parents can do damage to their kids both physically and psychologically-
    that they may not even be aware of.

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