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Move over Luke, we know the show is named after you, but Alfre Woodard “Mariah Dillard” looks like she is going to reign supreme in season two of the hit Netflix series.

Set over Fugee’s Ready or Not, the trailer puts Woodard and seemingly her protegé Gabrielle Dennis “Tilda Johnson aka Nightshade” front and center. At one point Mariah explains to Tilda, “You don’t need to be bulletproof to be a superhero. Black women have always had superpowers, turning pain into progress.” :::chills:::

We also get a look at the super-villain “Bushmaster aka John McIver” who is being portrayed by actor Mustafa Shakir. Okay, okay, he also has a shaking in our boots. Has Luke met his match?

Luke Cage season 2 hits Netflix on June 22.



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