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Almost no one can make it without wifi these days and Janet Jackson’s nanny is no exception. According to multiple published reports, a dispute over wifi  is what led Jackson to call the police for a welfare check while her estranged husband was on a visit with their son, 17 month old Eissa. The two have been estranged since three months after the baby was born but are not yet divorced. reports:

Following Jackson’s phone call to the police on Saturday, The Blast reported that a nanny for Eissa was upset that Al Mana refused to provide her with the hotel room’s WiFi password; a second source told PEOPLE the nanny was “unable to do her job and stay in communication during an instance when it was very necessary.” A source close to the situation responded, “WiFi is not needed to stay in communication. It’s shameful that the police were called. It’s 2018. Do we really need to be using public resources and first responders to deal with someone having a tantrum over WiFi?”

TMZ reported Monday that Jackson told police she was worried the Qatari businessman may have been using drugs around their son. “The concern was that his erratic behavior was tied to that,” a source told PEOPLE. However, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office told The Blast there “was zero suspicion of drugs being used,” and that the office was puzzled as to “why Jackson made the allegation.”

The source close to the situation added, “If this is about communication, why’d the cops get told a false story about drugs?”

Jackson was not at the hotel at the time, authorities confirmed to PEOPLE.

The ongoing divorce has become increasingly contentious as of late, though sources on both sides hope the former couple can put their son first.

A family source previously told PEOPLE Jackson “couldn’t be a better mom. She is very attached to Eissa and feels worried about him when he isn’t with her. Eissa is her life.”

Meanwhile, the source close to the situation claimed Al Mana is doing “whatever is necessary to be with his son.”




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11 thoughts on “Janet Jackson’s Welfare Call Reportedly Triggered By Dispute Over Wifi

  1. Arthur Kimble on said:

    Mac Daddy you spelled success wrong. Please learn how to spell before making comments.Guess you have not taken your own advise smh.

  2. Well in his country women dont have a
    say, he had his family didn’t treat his wife lovingly has a husband should I read some terrible things innings about his ass, but that’s why she probably came back home.

  3. eddie on said:

    This happens often to other men that have children with a black woman..child support , custody ect..get the government (police , court) involved …and this guy is a billionaire..welcome to America !!!

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Here you go with your bullshit black woman hate post again. It’s the black women calling the police, seeking child support what about Blake Griffin, Chris Brown, Tom Cruise, just to name a few who went through public custody battles with non-black and white women . White women do the same shit when it comes to custody and child support because they want their money too, they just don’t get bashed for it like black woman because it’s always some black woman hater generally a black male who have no problem dogging and stereotyping ALL women on a public platform. The white women don’t call the police over custody they call the police when they a see a black man strolling his baby in the park, moving into his apartment, or when they see a suspicious looking man walking around a prestigious college like Yale, they call the cops to get your black ass killed.

      • eddie on said:

        I did not say ALL black women..however the statistics are an officer of the court (attorney) it’s very obvious to us .White men may owe more child support than black men however the black man is 10 times more likely to end up in court because of the complaint of the custodial mother .

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        Black men are always 10x more likely to be incarcerated than a white man that applies to everything. The drug laws are designed to incarcerate black men more than whites, crime laws are set up to target black men more than whites, this has nothing to do with black women. Hell, a white man with a criminal record can get a good paying job faster than a black man with a degree and a clean record. Did you ever consider that maybe the black men have the cops called on them because they’re not taking care of their responsibility as opposed to black women just being bitter? Of course you didn’t because black women aren’t easy like white women are they. You probably got white woman is the reason why you’re always talking shit about black women.

      • eddie on said:

        No .. sorry ..i have a beautiful chocolate colored wife … i also have a beautiful black mother and beautiful Black daughter !!! i have NOTHING against a black woman..Nothing is more beautiful than a black woman ..nothing is stronger than a black is more suitable to the black man than a black woman..i just want her to step up her game ,.,,

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        Real talk Eddie. They will come after you en mass from the plantation, stand your ground and speak the truth. They hate the truth.

  4. Mac Daddy on said:

    Every day we wake up and say to ourselves, how can we make our race more shiggidy than yesterday. And we excel. If only we could put that succes in education, parenting, or moral fortitude, we would be unstoppable

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