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A close-up of a police officer's badge as he stands beside a police car

In North Carolina, a Black man is dead after a white police officer shot and killed him during a traffic stop.

NBC News reports, Officer D.E. McGuire shot and killed 60-year-old Edward Van McCrae after a physical struggle in which he asked McCrae to stop reaching for his gun. McCrae and two others traveling in the car with him was stopped a little after 10:30 p.m. by McGuire.

McCrae, sitting in the back, according to police reports was moving suspiciously in the back appearing to look for something. McGuire asked McCrae to step out of the car when they engaged in a physical struggle.

“After being removed from the vehicle, Mr. McCrae physically struggled with Officer McGuire and refused multiple verbal commands by Officer McGuire to ‘stop reaching,” states a news release from the Winston-Salem Police Department. “As the struggle continued, a handgun became visible to Officer McGuire.”

An investigation has been opened on the shooting by the State Bureau of Investigation. McGuire has been placed on administrative duty awaiting the investigation results.

According to the news release, McGuire used his body camera for the entirety of the incident. He called for back up when he noticed McCrae moving around suspiciously. Back up came soon after the shot was fired and officers tried to resuscitate along with an emergency medical responder. McCrae was pronounced dead at the scene. Passengers in the car with him weren’t injured.



(Source: NBC News )

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