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This undated photo from a Facebook posting shows Mark Anthony Conditt. 

The man suspected of planting four bombs in the Texas capital this month that killed two people and injured four others was an unemployed college dropout who doesn’t appear to have left much of a trail online aside from some 2012 blog posts about gay marriage and other topics.

Authorities say Mark Anthony Conditt blew himself up in a motel parking lot overnight as a SWAT team approached his SUV. Police haven’t publicly released Conditt’s name, but a law enforcement official who had been briefed on the investigation identified Conditt as the suspect on the condition of anonymity because the official hadn’t been authorized to discuss the case publicly.

Conditt grew up in Pflugerville, a suburb just northeast of Austin where he was still living after moving out of his parents’ home. It’s not far from the site of the first of the four package bombings — a March 2 explosion that killed a 39-year-old man, Anthony House — though it’s unknown if Conditt knew any of the victims and authorities said the motive for the attacks remained unclear.

Authorities released few details about the suspect, aside from his age, that he was white and that he was apparently unemployed.

But online postings indicate he was home-schooled. He later attended Austin Community College from 2010 to 2012, but he did not graduate, according to a college spokeswoman. He worked for a time at an area manufacturing company and Gov. Greg Abbott told KXAN-TV in Austin that Conditt had no criminal record.

Officials remove a car of the suspect in a series of bombing attacks in Austin 


Conditt left little discernable trace on social media. Aside from a few photos of him on his family’s Facebook pages, he apparently made six entries on a personal blog in 2012 in which he addressed a range of topics. In those posts, a blogger identifying himself as

Mark Conditt of Pflugerville wrote that gay marriage should be illegal. He also called for the elimination of sex offender registries and argued in favor of the death penalty. He described his interests as cycling, tennis and listening to music

Of gay marriage, Conditt wrote: “Homosexuality is not natural. Just look at the male and female bodies. They are obviously designed to couple.”

Jeff Reeb, a neighbor of Conditt’s parents in Pflugerville for about 17 years, said he watched Conditt grow up and that he always seemed “smart” and “polite.”

Reeb, 75, said Conditt and his grandson played together into middle school and that Conditt regularly visited his parents, whom Reeb described as good neighbors.

Conditt was living with roommates a few miles from his parents’ home and was in the process of gutting his home. He said Condit’s father, whom he referred to as Pat, worked as an Amway distributor and also bought electronics on the side to resell.

Authorities said they believe Conditt made all of the bombs and that he likely acted alone, though they’re still investigating whether he could have had help. He obtained at least some of his bomb-making materials from a Home Depot in Pflugerville, U.S. Rep.

Michael McCaul, whose district includes the greater Austin area, told KXAN. They cautioned the public that there could still be package bombs that were planted in the 24 to 36 hours before Conditt’s death and that people should report any suspicious packages.

Warren and Dunklin reported from Dallas. Chen reported from Chicago.



(Facebook via AP & AP Photo/Eric Gay)

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18 thoughts on “Austin Bombing Suspect Was An Unemployed College Dropout

  1. Just imagine how many more there are out here roaming the streets or our websites. We don’t know who they are until the next terrorist act, they could be sitting in the office/desk (or trashcan/trailer – Macdummy) next to yours.

  2. americanize on said:

    Have you notice no news organization is talking about his bomb making skills,or his background on bomb making.Or maybe he was just a lone wolf,who carried out orders to deliver the bombs.Black America this is a good example of white folks risking there freedom an there lives for white supremacy.And please don’t belive the press,this was a terrorist attack but they will never say a white male is a terrorist,Because the jails would be full of white men.Black America you have no friends.We are in a race war.

  3. PhoenixRising on said:

    Bombing suspect? I think not. More like HOME GROWN TERRORIST. Criteria: MUST BE AN ANGRY SCARED WHITE MAN. Five points extra if your’re also a RACIST.

  4. leadjustone on said:

    So, this fool wanted the elimination of sex offender registries? What’s up with that? Another angry white male with a sense of entitlement. Mad at the world because he wasn’t having the success he thought he deserved. Looking for someone else to blame for his loser status. This is really getting old.

  5. Ted Gravely on said:

    Racists these days are something else. Now he draws the line at gays and sex offenders, but has no problem killing people. What? You can’t make this up? Death penalty for sex offenders, but I should be allowed to randomly take innocent lives. Then the bots, and resident coons on this site refers to him as a liberal. Don’t get that. You forgot to watch your master – you Mac coon. You let him off the plantation without supervision. Just like you can’t accept factual criticism of #45, race rioters in VA, and another country hacking the election – live with the fact that this thuggish trash is yours. You groomed him with your hatred, nursed entitlement directly from your bosom, and kissed his feet everyday while he stepped on the necks of innocents. You fool….keep stoking the fire of hate and one day just like this loser, you’ll be consumed by fire.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Mac Daddy/JHUF Isn’t black. He’s a white racist that trolls a black website pretending to be black while showing us how stupid racist are at hiding their racism. This bomber is a typical racist he thinks the way ALL racist whites think. Just like building a wall and banning immigrants when your bed wench wife is an immigrant, and your grandparents came to this country as immigrants. Hate the black president but let this damn unqualified fool bend the U.S. over and sell this country out to Russia, hate gays but have no problem with racism. White Christianity, White Supremacy and Racism all go hand in hand. Yes, they groomed this fool just like they groomed 45. The RepubliKKKan party created trump out of their hatred for President Obama and now look, he’s single handedly destroying their party. And not one of those racist have called for him to be Impeached.

      • Ted Gravely on said:

        I know, but every now and then you confront Tom Foolery. Just google what former CIA Director, John Brennan said about #45 – “Russians could have something on Trump.” It is the same thing with those trolls, their master has something on them. He directs their every thought and strategically allows them to leave the plantation with explicit directions. Yep they have a puppet master pulling the strings everyday. When you’re free – you know what’s up. Like you say, “and not one of those racists have called for him to be impeached.” You know why? Those idiots are complicit. They talk a good talk, but when it comes down to it – they are all at that meeting in agreement.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        I agree Putin definitely has something on trump, and it must pretty damaging because he controlling him like a true master he got ole don on that Russian plantation for real, he even got his kids mixed up in this mess. trump jr., Ivanka, and Jared are all under investigation. You’d think the sheep in Congress would have kicked this buffoon to the curb, throw him under the bus so they can try and save their sinking party but nope, they’re all right there still on the Titanic with the water up to their knees. They’d rather drown than admit defeat on the hills of a black president. If you take blacks out of the equation racist will destroy themselves and each other.

    • leadjustone on said:

      Yup. Angry white males. The true menace to society! I think they really need to study these beings. Universities/NIH, are you listening? Y’all are always so ready to study the “urban poor”. How about you put your focus elsewhere!

  6. Passing Through!! on said:

    A white man will never be labeled as a terrorist, next we’ll hear about his psychological background and how he had a history mental problems.

  7. My Opinion on said:

    If he had been anything but white they would have referred to him as a terrorist. That’s just what that murdering idiot was a terrorist,Good riddance.

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