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Bow Wow just can’t stay out of trouble these days. Whether he’s lying about private jets or saying he’s dated Kim Kardashian he’s always stuck between somethings.

And this time is no different as Bow Wow got punched at a concert for allegedly talking smack about rapper Future according to Hot New Hip Hop. On Tuesday, March 13, Bow Wow was jumped from behind by rapper Cheeks Bossman.

In a video, Cheeks Bossman can be heard saying, “What’s up with that Future s***?” before punching him to the ground. At the time not much was known about the incident. However, Bow Wow did date Future’s ex Ciara back in the day so there is speculation about that being the cause of the incident.

The next day Bow Wow got onto Instagram live to address the incident by explaining that the video doesn’t tell all. The person who recorded the video says that the rapper who assaulted Bow Wow was getting egged on by his entourage. Either way that’s the story Bow Wow is sticking with.



(Source: Hot New Hip Hop)

(Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton / PR Photos)

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8 thoughts on “Bow Wow Gets Punched For Talking Smack About Rapper Future

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Cheeks Bossman (never heard of him) should be in jail. Bow Wow has a vivid imagination and loves to lie. I know a leader that lies and brags about the lie he told other world leaders. No one jumps on him or threatens to jump him or they would be in PRISON! Now this is low level stuff, but it is outrageous and should be unacceptable. Who champions and cheers for this thuggery? I digress. My point is you can talk ish. Stop the stupid rhymes and false bravado. You can’t put your hands on someone for talking ish. Bow Wow didn’t threaten that man, flash a weapon, etc….. This is how our young brothers and sisters become a part of the prison industrial complex. Stop laughing and condoning this behavior. In my opinion it is ridiculous and makes us appear undiscipline and animalistic. Read the story again…..he assaulted him for something so ridiculous it’s almost unreal. Idiots walking.

  2. Chastity on said:

    Bow Wow wants to be relevant and that is why he is always saying something stupid. That is the only way his name will be mentioned in the media.

  3. Passing Through!! on said:

    Bow Wow did date Future back in the day so there is speculation about that.
    WTF BAW! Spell check please. Bow Wow dated Future’s ex/baby mama Ciara back in the day…LOL!

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