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In a very revealing interview with Rolling Stone, Bobby Brown was asked about the death of his ex-wife, Whitney Houston. Surprisingly, he admits that despite drugs being found in her system at the time of her death, he doesn’t believe that’s what killed her.

This month marks the sixth anniversary of Whitney’s death. What do you think was the most misunderstood thing about her?

Um … whoa [long pause] – I don’t think she died from drugs.

You don’t?

No, not at all.

What do you think it was?

She was really working hard on herself to try to be a sober person and, um [pauses] she was a great woman.

When you say you don’t think she died of drugs, do you mean you don’t think there were drugs in her system at the time?


[Alicia Etheredge-Brown, his wife and manager, interjects]: There were drugs in her system.

Well, I don’t think so.

[Etheredge-Brown]: You feel that other things played a part …?

That played a part. Yes.

What do you attribute her death to if it wasn’t drugs?

Just being broken-hearted.

In another part of the interview, Brown was asked about Nick Gordon. Let’s just say Brown’s answer may or may not shock you, depending what your point of view is regarding what happened between Gordon and Brown’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

In 2016, Nick Gordon was ordered to pay $36 million to the estate of your daughter. Do you feel there has been justice related to her death?

No, not yet.

Why not?

Because he’s still walking around free.

What does justice look like to you?

Justice? If he was locked up somewhere where somebody can rape him. That’s just how I feel. He raped me by taking my daughter away.


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26 thoughts on “Bobby Brown Says Whitney’s Death Wasn’t Drugs And How He Feels About Nick Gordon

  1. Does that mean it was too late for him to try to protect Whitney and his daughter after they got together, the way he trying to do now that they are deader than doorknobs? I don’t know what she was doing before she met and married Bobby or what she was doing after she married Bobby. What I do know is that Bobbie Christina never had a chance in this world.

  2. Sheila on said:

    All of you are missing the point, if Whitney and her daughter was white. Nick Gordon would be in jail. And Bobby Brown wife stay out of this. I hope you were not dating this man why he was married if so you were part of the problem.

  3. Tim Taison on said:

    Whitney’s music tells a story.
    May we all have the courage of Achilles.
    Aphrodite ensure Eros is a straight shooter:
    no break ups, no cheaters, no divorces, no disrespectful spouse; loyal, devoted, attractive, motivated…
    Pure love, affection, attention, adoration, growth inspiration, sensation, jubilant, congruent, fluent…
    Catch on, please pass it on.

  4. Tim Taison on said:

    Whoa whoa America is yearly reminded of historical events:
    September 11, 2001, Presidents Day, Halloween, Secretary’s Day, Barbiie doll’s bday, Superman 76+ years, July 4th, Mother’s Day, springtime, Equinox,
    “On this day…”
    So allow this site to remember…
    Just like Halloween you don’t have participate, and you don’t have read the article.
    I solved that one for you, no Nancy Drew or Scooby Doo!

  5. Whitney is gone. Please leave it alone and let’s remember her for the FABULOUS singer that she was. As far as Bobbi Kristina goes I place the blame on her family members (her aunt and her uncle). They knew she has some serious problems and did nothing to help her. They were more concerned about their financial status than Bobbie Kristina’s well being. RIP Whitney. My favorite female singer!!!!

    • Charletta Tucker on said:

      Exactly even when whitney passed they disnt like bobby so they didnt want him around inspite of how much she stated several times how much she loved him and they were married her choice then knowing kristen needed her dad in her life no matter what the situtation was he still her dad he should have been there for her when some of yall shouldnt have been

  6. James Rankin on said:

    Why we still talking about it. Let’s forget about what may have caused her death. She may be gone but her music is still here. And boobby is feeling guilt for his role in the addiction. No he may not have started it But he enjoyed it as well and that’s why it got out of control. Had he been clean and drug free he may have been able to change what happened

  7. Loved her music on said:

    We can be honest and still love and protect our family.whitney and her daughter can teach us all a lesson- if we are honest and authentic.

  8. I wonder if Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi K were both murdered for inheritance/insurance money, and the killer made it look like drug overdoses/accidental drownings in the hot tub? Both deaths were very suspicious. Usually murders are personal, committed for revenge, anger or jealousy, or for insurance/inheritance money by family members who hire “professionals.” $400 million is a lot of money, and there are people who will kill someone for a lot less. The hit on Tupac happened here in Sin City a few hours after Tupac and Suge had a violent altercation with someone at the MGM Grand. One of the shooters wrote an anonymous “confession” letter a few months ago, though we can’t be sure it’s real. The target might have been Suge as well as Tupac….

  9. Ted Gravely on said:

    Good for you Bobby. She may have been your ex, but you two had mad love for each other. If that’s what you believe, it isn’t so crazy. I’m hope he never allows someone to trash Whitney in front of him. Have some freaking compassion. She obviously abused drugs, but instead of people wishing she received treatment, they love to trash her. That’s right Bobby; protect your Family to the bitter end. That’s what real men do.

  10. Whitney died from drowning. She used drugs and fell unconscious and went down in the water. If she was not in the tub of water, she would not have died that day. The water killed her but even though she was high and fell unconscious.

    • Tim Taison on said:

      Tell the truth we all have issues, no one is perfect.
      Scolding or gossiping, where are those inspirational words?
      Addictions may ruin your health.
      Beware addictions steal your empowerment if you allow them.
      Athena guide them.

  11. Diane Johnson on said:

    I believe him if you paid attention to Whitney following their divorce she was ❤ broken they were in 💘 drugs took them under and their love with it.

  12. I agree with you Tim Green. How in the hell would he know what she actually died from. He was out chasing women. That’s why she left his ass. The coroner said she had a mixture of drugs in her system. I guess he wants us to think she died of a broken heart because of him.

    • Lydia Bell on said:

      When you don’t recognize facts then its difficult to speak truth. Whitney didn’t leave Bobby, he left her to remove himself from the drugs. Grown people have CHOICES, STOP BLAMING BOBBY!!!!

      • Tim Taison on said:

        Let’s try to pay attention more to our own welfare.
        Those that ate more than their share…
        Anyone give that nasty stare…
        If you feigned sick…
        If you pretended to more than what you are…
        Fibs, lies…
        You do you and allow me to do Me, praise in public reprimand in private.

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