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Awww man. We didn’t see this one coming. Actress/singer Tisha Campbell-Martin has filed for divorce from her husband of 20 years, Duane Martin. The longtime celebrity couple, who are good friends with another long-term married couple, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, have apparently decided to call it quits.

People.com reports:

After 27 years of being together and two amazing children, it pains me to announce that I’ve filed for divorce,” Tisha, 49, said in the statement.

“It’s an emotional time and I graciously ask for privacy for me, our children and the rest of our family,” she shared.

Over the course of their decades-long marriage, the pair, who wed in 1996, welcomed two children: sons Ezekiel, 8, and Xen, 16.

There didn’t seem to be any issues that the public knew about, and recently there have been sightings of Campbell with her Martin castmates Tichina Arnold and Martin Lawrence himself. Twenty years ago, Campbell sued Lawrence for sexual harassment but the two obviously have gotten past the past.  Campbell didn’t confirm a TV reunion but did hint that it might happen on the TJMS.  And then there was this photo:

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Best day ever! @martinlawrence @tichinaarnold

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One clue: Tisha has not posted a pic on IG with her husband since her birthday last year.


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My birthday last night @xenlounge with xen and @duane_martin

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The couple once talked about how Duane proposed in a Denny’s!

Here’s Tisha wedding video where it seemed like she was so happy to get married:



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30 thoughts on “Tisha Campbell Martin Files For Divorce

  1. Jujukitty on said:

    My heart goes out for all of them. This can’t be easy for the family as a whole. But what gets me is she asks everyone for her privacy. No one would have known until she put it out there… Huh. A little lost on that statement but. Be strong fam. I hope it’s not nasty and everyone works together so it won’t be.

  2. Love is Key! on said:

    So disappointing. This is one couple in “Hollywood” that seemed to overcome the obstacles of being celebrities. I wish the best for them and their family.

  3. delores plummer on said:

    do what you have to do. to be happy, having a peace of mind. we only have one life. ” enjoy the time we have on earth”

  4. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. It’s very sad to hear of the breakup of their union. But when a woman’s fed up, all she can do is wish you well. I pray they can work it out.

  5. Beautiful wedding video. One never knows when they get married how it’s going to turn out. Tisha and Duane have endured a lot together and I hope that they will reconsider. However, this is very sad and I hope the best for them and their family.

  6. There have been “rumblings” about this for at least the past 6-7 years, but they always seemed to hold it together and work it out. Marriage isn’t easy in the first place, but it’s especially stressful for parents of children with autism. Speaking from personal experience on that one…

  7. WOW. I am shocked. I hope they will work it out. She was just on Steve Harvey and told how long they were married and everyone was proud to know a couple especially a Hollywood couple lasted this long.

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