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Quincy Jones is like the uncle who’s been around for years of family drama and he just sits on the tea waiting for the right time to spill it.

On Wednesday, the legend literally told all, and them some, in a new interview with Vulture magazine. In the candid convo, QJ revealed many things we didn’t even know we needed — like the fact that he once dated Ivanka Trump, he knows who killed JFK and how he thought The Beatles were trash.

Check out some of the highlights from Jones’ scorching hot interview.

On Marlon Brando Having Sex With Marvin Gaye 

On Dating Ivanka Trump

On Michael Jackson Being A Thief


Hit the flip for more from Quincy “Draco” Jones.

Quincy Jones’ Epic New Interview: MJ Stole Music, Marlon Brando Had Sex With Marvin Gaye And More! was originally published on

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56 thoughts on “Quincy Jones’ Epic New Interview: MJ Stole Music, Marlon Brando Had Sex With Marvin Gaye And More!

  1. Alexis Glenn Johnson on said:

    Quincy Jones once said mixed babies are the most attractive; I give no credence to what he says. If he revealed this information when these folks were alive and could face the music, it would garner a lot more credibility!! Empty out your own closet Q!!

    • Say What on said:

      You sound stupid. Michael was friends with alot of people from rappers to actresses and radio host and DJ’s yet you are not accusing Michael of being a wh*re with women and everyone else? Stop sounding stupid.

  2. Why must we do this to ou people??? Why is any of this “gossip” worthy of being shared?? Did you make these allegations when these people were here to defend themselves?? Why now?? Even the news about Ivsnka.. Even if these allegations were true, did you consider the families Quincy?? What happen now is family member and supporters are likely going to retaliate and spread rumprs about Quincy. These were people we respected in the industry( I still do!) better Quincy!

  3. Marlon Brando was with Marvin Gaye, James Baldwin, and Richard Pryor? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Hollyweird is nasty!! That is disgusting!!! Did all of them die of AIDS and did Marvin Gaye have it as well?

    He is lying about Michael Jackson who was a musical genius as are/were the Beatles. And why would Ivanka even look at the old, Jabb-the-Hut looking little mushroom dude with puffy eyes. UGH! And everyone knows that Queercy Jones is a down-low thang.

    • Michael put Quincy on map when it came to pop culture and went against Sony to have him because they thought he was only Jazz. I do not care what you produce, if the TALENT you are producing is not there, you wont be nothing. What he is saying about MJ being greedy is an exaggeration. Was MJ driven for success? Yes. and MJ was and even Admitted he was inspired by others music and dance just like artist of today are doing the same to MJ. but that is NOT stealing. No, MJ was not going to give over all his achievements. As for MJ skin issue, MJ did have a skin disorder which the CORNER/medical doctors who examine him when he died confirmed when Michael died in Michael death report. Q is not doctor and needs to stick to music.

      • brownin329 on said:

        No, Amber: Michael’s so-called “skin condition” was from intensive bleaching. He didn’t do it like LaToya did. That’s why he was at the dermatologist’s so much and where he met Debbie Rowe. Michael’s first biographer J. Randy Taraborelli had MIJ in the backyard getting into a vat of bleach with help from Marlon Brando’s son (RIP). Even Randy Jackson said Mike did not have vitiligo. Mike also did rip off other people and had the lawsuits to prove it. Epic, now Sony, backed him and protected him because he was their cash cow. But everyone back then knew. MJ wasn’t the only one who stole or didn’t pay people for their contributions. He really followed in James Brown’s footsteps. Of course, he didn’t want to share. Mke was ambitious. He wanted to be the king of pop. Can’t do that if people think you had help.

  4. Say What! on said:

    I will agree with his comment about the Beatles. I always said the same thing. As for everything else. Richard said he did that and his ex confirmed it. As for Michael being “greedy” and stealing, that is silly. Michael is in the Guinness book of record for being the most charitable celeb. As for his music, those were his songs that Michael wrote. I think Quincy is confusing being inspired with stealing as many on shows have been saying about his comment on Michael. Big difference. ALL entertainers are inspired by others in their music. NO ONE is pure 100% not even you Quincy.

  5. Dear Mr. Jones (Quincy): You also said the late, great Richard Pryor had sex with the late, great Marlon Brando……I have three questions: #1. How do you know? #2. Were BOTH men alive at the time? #3. Are you familiar with Pos-T-Vac ™? “Why take the best part of life, out of your life, when you can have Life, with Pos-T-Vac ™?”
    Just as Marlon Brando WAS “The Godfather,” President Trump IS the Don Rickles of politics: he manages to insult EVERYBODY! And he’s even got his own dance: The Trumpty Dance! “With so much drama in the WDC, it’s kinda’ hard bein’ The Donald T, but somehow, some way, I keep comin’ up with funky-ass Tweets nearly every single day!” (props to Snoop Dogg). We’re still shivering with antici…PATION ta attend the special musical tribute to President Trump by his legions of female fans, including “Stormy” Daniels, former Miss Universe Alicia “eats like a pig” Machado, Madonna, Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Congresspersons Al Green, sheila Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters, TV news maven Megyn Kelly, and of course Rosie O’Donnell. Highlight of the evening is rumored to be a spirited, and No Doubt sincere, rendition of Jean Knight’s immortal classic, “Mr. Big Stuff.” President Donald Trump is a Gemini, a double-bodied mutable air sign, the sign of The Twins, and ALSO a New York City real estate developer, so we can surely trust him to sell us some land in Florida…….We predict “Stormy Weather” ahead for the White House now that our President has returned from the annual Illuminati Convention in Davos. And you thought it was icy and frigid in Switzerland, Mr. President? As a safety precaution, keep eating your favorite untouched-by-human-hands, poison-free McDonald’s fast food and avoid First Lady Melania’s home cookin’ for awhile. (But beware the mayo on your McChicken! Some girl posted pix of her luscious but sore-infected lips on FB last year and claimed she got oral herpes from the mayonnaise on her McChicken. She even kept her sandwich because the mayo had a funky but “familiar” taste. Now she’s suing Ronald McDonald! When I want to live dangerously, I order EXTRA mayo….) And, Mr. President, “Beware the Ides of March”: there are many jealous members of The Imperial Senate…….The Congressional sex scandal hush money slush fund: OUR tax dollars at work! Former Senator Al Franken, I liked you on SNL. You and your members of the #metoo Rogue’s Gallery should attend Stuart Smalley’s 12-step self-help classes for addicts. After completing Stuart’s “program,” you can say with pride, “Doggone it, people LIKE me!” Then you and your former colleagues on both sides of the aisle can share the pleasures of a truly fine cigar: the fine El Presidente’ Cigar, with its latex tip to protect against exposure to disease-infected bodily fluids, in these times of AIDS, Ebola and now Zika! Or perhaps a fine Elle Monica Cigar, a bit more petite than the “massively endowed” El Presidente (“I did not have sex with that woman”) Fine Cigar….Dear former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama, if your sweet, innocent daughters Sasha and Malia need an escort to official functions while you are away, there is a “Respectable Older Gentleman with Good Christian Values” who is now available: Judge Roy “Ten Commandments” Moore!
    P.S. Congress: Please erect a few more public toilets for homeless folks and tourists in our nation’s capital, and give residents of Washington, the District of Columbia, the right to vote for full, voting representatives in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. Two hundred and twenty-eight years is a LONG TIME to wait!

  6. Oreva Vajdl on said:

    For years they said that Quincy Jones have slept with the young male actors and entertainers including Micheal Jackson. I think he has dementia

      • And stuff was said about Prince but again, let not spread stuff that was never proven to be true not even in the closes way.

  7. Quincy, Do not hate on Michael for being a “shrewd” business man (that was no secret). He gave you all what you earned and did not give you a penny more. Look how Enimen talked all that noise in that video about Mike. And what did Michael do? Brought Enimen’s catalog so Enimen have to pay Michael to play that song with the insulting video. Michael used his head, not his fist to attack. Pure genius. Love you MJ.

  8. Joseph Thompson on said:

    My personal feeling about all this shit, is to me degrading of the magazine or black web to put this shit out about our black icons and leaders. I have lost respect for this site. Yes I know a lot about stars and people in general but I will carry to my grave. Money is not my main source of income; love, respect and care is my main source.

    • I agree. If you can not talk about Bill Cosby, he should not talk about anyone else. He lost all respect right there. I like Oprah but even her when asked about Quincy’s interview, Oprah said she will talk bad about him YET she has talked bad about others who really she do not know nothing about; and Q is NOT perfect you can believe that on a bed of bibles.

      • I met to say Oprah said she will NOT talk about Quincy. I respect that if you do the same for everyone else.

  9. It appears Quincy Jones is either suffering from Dementia or senility, why make so-called statements about people who are deceased, they are no longer alive to say if these statements are true or not! Yes, Mr. Jones has talent but like Tiger Woods and O.J. Simpson he suffers from the “White Woman only Syndrome”! a far as I’m concerned he can just go take his medication and a long nap!

    • Even O J SImpson had a black wife and 2 black children unlike Quincy who been married millions of times and NOT one was black not even half black yet he can talk about someone not being black.

  10. Butter Pecan on said:

    Q was okay with all these people while he was making money off of them! He didn’t mention that though! Now that they aren’t here for him to make money off of them or defend themselves, he finds another way to make money off of them! Quincy Jones is a low down and dirty vulture who’s trying to stay relevant! I’m glad that Prince was smart enough not to get involved with him. Maybe he has more secrets to tell when this dies down and he needs to keep all his 22 girlfriends happy. Please have several seats made for geriatric old men with dementia!

    • I agree. And think Q was upset with Michael because Michael did not want his to produce Dangerous and MJ wanted a newer sound with Teddy Riley. I remember Q was asked about this on BET in 1992 why he did not produce Dangerous and he said “you have to ask Michael’ Sarah Vaugh was standing there and she had a look on her face as to say “oh oho”. Look back, producing MJ was his biggest money maker (he made big money off the Jazz and other stuff but MJ took his waYYYYY over the top. That stop when MJ left him). He seem to suggest that Michael did not share. No, MJ paid what he was suppose to pay but these people always want to have a percentage and hardly did not work to the level MJ did. Michael was also tired of Q getting the credit for Thriller. MJ wrote alot of the hits on that album (let alone the videos took Thriller over the top along with the Motown 25 special) but some wanted to give Q most of the credit for that album success. Michael was not having it.

  11. Passing Through!! on said:

    Quincy Jones backstabbing POS! He’s always hated on Michael Jackson I remember when he had to nerve to make a comment about Michael not wanting to be black, this is coming from a black sellout who dates and breeds children with nothing but white and non-black women trying to accuse someone of not wanting to be black. Spilling the dirt on Richard Pryor and Marvin Gay after they’re dead is a real bitch move. Why don’t he spill the beans on who was molesting Michael Jackson in the industry when he was child, I remember when his name surfaced a couple of times. In true house ni**ga fashion bragging on how he dated Ivanka Trump another white trophy for his black self-loathing collection. When he drops dead I wonder will somebody do an interview putting all of his private dirt on blast because I’m sure there’s plenty of tea to spill on this white woman loving coon.

  12. Also, Quincy just said Prince tried to run over Michael. Why tell all of this now that these people are gone and not here to defend themselves. What a disgrace.

  13. I just heard the song by Michael and Donna Summer you claim Michael took. Sorry but it is NOT the same to say Michael stole something. So this comment about “Michael stole alot of songs” sound like an over exaggeration. And for Gregg getting more money, I do not blame Michael for not giving him 10%. If Michael wrote the majority of the song, why should Michael give that amount. Gregg was paid to do what he did. NO Quincy, you are the one who is greedy.

  14. Janice Wormley on said:

    Quincy should shut the fuck up. You so called date 22 women now. All they want and getting is your money. I hope you have sense enough to use condoms and not get aids. I remember Richard Pryor best friend, Paul Mooney saying that he would never tell his secrets about Richard. You shouldn’t either. Janice

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Exactly! Those 22 women like all of the other white women he’s married and made children with, want nothing but his black fool ass money because you know their all white guaranteed. It funny when some people give interviews you can see all of their insecurities by the things that they say and brag about. He probably can’t keep that limp noodle up for one woman less known 22.

  15. Grady T. Bobbitt on said:

    Quincy Jones needs to sit his old azz down and shut the fuck up. If he wants to spill some tea about something, then he needs to spill it on some of the perverted shit he did with some of those sleazy,filthy sluts he slept with and are probably still sleeping with now. Quincy,I appreciate your music,but you,as an individual,I think you suck–literally.

  16. Wait WHAT?!!!! Omgoodness, thank the Lord darn near all of these people are dead lol.
    I agree tho, some things just should be kept to yourself, wait until the tea gets spilled on the Q, it will be interesting to say the least. You can’t be in that industry all those many years and come out squeaky clean. But what’s all the profanity about? He sounds bitter.

  17. Della 1 on said:

    Q if I was you I would have taken all this information to my grave. So things are not ment to be repeated. Shame on you Mr. Jones!!!

  18. Ted Gravely on said:

    I hope Vulture paid that Buzzard well. Now most of the people he is spilling the tea on is dead. Why didn’t he say this while they were alive? Q released an autobiography years ago. MJ was alive. Why didn’t that coward put that in the book? Probably because MJ would have felt betrayed and gave you his perspective and the tea on Q. If you can’t say it why people are alive, take it to your grave. There are very few of the old Motown original acts still living. Why didn’t he say something about Ms Ross. Maybe I missed his salacious gossip about her. Anything about the Green Eyed Monster, Smokey. The truth is the truth, but I just like for people to be able to defend.

  19. Say What on said:

    Q, stop. Michael went up against Sony to have you as a producer when the Exec did not want Michael to get you. MJ was giving most of time. And to say MJ stole is stupid. Was MJ inflence by others music just like other artist like Prince to Jimmy Hendrix, Girl groups of the 70’s and 80’s to the Supremes, of course. No. MJ was not going to let people cheat him and he was determoined to get his due.

    • Say What on said:

      MJ was determined to get his due. Look now, his Estate is worth a BILLION dollars. The music biz is a hard biz and it will eat you up. Look at artist who do not controll their own music. MJ was smart in that regards.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Gosh I hope that is a lie, I don’t even want to think about that. I hope they find out that Quincy is high as coodie-brown when it’s all said and done. I can’t even understand why this gossip needed to be told. He must be dying or something.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        Richard Pryor admitted to having sex with a man. Queency Jones just spilled the tea on who that man was.

      • @PT
        Oh okay, I never read his biography, but they do have a little bit about what he admitted to on another post. He said he was having a two-week affair with a gorgeous “transgender” and he knew it was a man, and so did his best friend. He says after two-weeks he went back to being man again lol.

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