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*Now how can you be mad at her, I ask you? As the saying goes,  “When life gives you lemons, doggone it! Make lemonade!!”

That’s exactly what Shia Yearwood did when she seized the moment and used her mugshot photo as an opportunity to promote her hair business.

Arrested and charged with violating a domestic protective order in Mecklenburg County on Wednesday, Yearwood started receiving compliments on her braids after the facility published her picture.

Twitter account @CharlotteMugs shared her mugshot, and the responses came pouring in.

“Okay but who did her hair?” Twitter user @daleeshish asked.

“Me,” Yearwood replied.

Yearwood retweeted the mugshot on Thursday, promoting her hairstyling business with the hashtag #BraidsByShia.

In the Inside Edition video below (scroll down) the 24-year-old says it all stated as a joke for her friends.

“I tweeted it just being funny saying #BraidsbyShia.” They flash on her mugshot photo and, it’s not bad at all — as mugshots go.

It’s no wonder she wasn’t embarrassed to flaunt it!

And the risk she took paid off!

By Sunday, her tweet had more than 4,000 retweets and 8,000 likes.

Business, she says, is booming!

“I would just like to say I do appreciate the internet for the laughs and the new clients,” she tweeted on Saturday. “Lol turn negatives into positives all 2018.”

Now of course everyone is wondering why she was in jail in the first place? On Twitter, Shia said it involves a child custody case.

Watch the video below to hear Shia tell the story in her own words.

PHOTO: Mecklenburg County Police





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11 thoughts on “N.C. Hairstylist Uses Mugshot To Promote Her Business

  1. @African American Woman – I’ve seen you comment on other articles on this site about how Black People should get it together and make opportunities for themselves…blah blah blah. And when one ACTUALLY does regardless of the circumstances – you bad mouth how she turns a negative into a positive – further confirms my opinion of you – self hating Black person who actually hates her own kind!! To you I say – Bye Felicia!

  2. leadjustone on said:

    Well, her hair does look good. Eyebrows too! It’s okay to use what you got! Good luck my sister, and let this be your last mug shot.

  3. Eric robins on said:

    Way to go girl not about getting arrested but thinking about how to turn it into something positive just leave him alone

  4. Christianforreal on said:

    I’m sure when she used the photo she didn’t announce that it was a mugshot. She is a very attractive young lady and her braids are beautiful. She did a great job and should be proud of them. The police department toke a very nice picture and it shows off her handiwork pretty well. It’s difficult sometimes to get a pic that shows off your work if you’re looking to show off your work for business

  5. specialt757 on said:

    Turning negatives into positives in 2018, I like it! See, everyday that God wakes us up it’s another chance to get it right, good for you Shai, now go make a good life for yourself.

  6. What’s ratchet? It’s a child custody issue and the article doesn’t state how she violated it – – was late taking the child to its father?, didn’t allow the father to have the child?……we don’t know so I think it’s a bit presumption to call her ratchet. What the enemy meant for evil, God will turn it around for your good……I think Shia is the winner in this one!!

    • African American Woman on said:

      Ummm…using mug shot photo to promote her business= ratchet…using mug shot photo to promote her business= genius…understand now?

    • I couldn’t think of a single comprehensible thing to say about this story, (other than “giiirl…”), so I’ll just co-sign your comment! 😂

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