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An Oklahoma woman will not have to walk to work anymore after her friends surprised her with a new car for Christmas. Yolanda Crawford was the recipient of a 2014 Nissan Versa recently, KFOR reported. Crawford is known for touching so many lives as a greeter at a Walmart in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

“She’s loud and you know when Miss Yolanda is there and she is such a joy,” Barbara Chadwell, a Muskogee resident, said to KJRH. “Everyone is just rooting for her and everyone loves her.”

When local community members learned that Crawford struggled to get to work and had to walk every day, they wanted to help her. They knew new wheels was the perfect gift for the beloved greeter, and an anonymous donation made it possible for them to get the car within a two-week period before Christmas. But that’s not all that the community members did for Crawford.

“We put brand new tires on the vehicle, we’re paying for tag and title for her, and six months of insurance for her,” said Scott Yandell, another Muskogee resident.

But just how did Crawford react to the Christmas surprise? “I’m very excited because I never thought this would ever happen for me and it did,” she said to KJRH. The expensive and unexpected gift was a major shock to a teary-eyed Crawford, who has been working at Walmart for just two years. “The community loves me and they appreciate me for saying ‘welcome to Walmart’ to them as they come in and out of Walmart and I appreciate them as well,” she added.

There’s no “better way to celebrate than by giving someone a new car for Christmas,” Yandell said.

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(Source KFOR, KJRH)

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