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Hannibal Buress got popped by Miami police earlier this morning and it didn’t go well.

He had to be physically pushed into a police car following what’s being described as a heated confrontation with cops.

In the video, the funny man is seen after he was cuffed at around 2 AM Sunday. He shown challenging Miami cops to justify the detention, repeatedly asking them to explain what probable cause they had.

Buress refused to get in the police car and after a standoff that lasted several minutes he was pushed inside the patrol unit.

When he got an answer from the cops, he was told that he was arrested for trespassing but a jail official told TMZ the arrest was for “disorderly intoxication.”

Buress was released at around 6 AM after posting a $500 bond.

PHOTO: Miami/Dade PD

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6 thoughts on “Comedian Hannibal Buress Arrested In Miami

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    First of all, the punk police dont have to explain anything to a perp. They must simply state that one is under arrest for “X” and advise perp of his/her Miranda Rights. The rest is up to the prosecutor, Judge and jury.

      • @Amber – EXACTLY!! Most police like to make a big deal out of it by reporting it to the press for money or to embarrass the celebrity – police or dispatch or those that have DIRECT KNOWLEDGE of the situation

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