Tyler Perry Is Joining The 2018 Fantastic Voyage Cruise!


He’s coming back! Tyler Perry is coming back on the Fantastic Voyage Cruise where he’ll be holding another talent audition for his shows and upcoming projects!

“I’m there. It was so much fun last time, I’m there,” expressed Perry. “If I find great talent, hey you’re on the cruise, we’ll throw you in something. That’s your shot, make it work.”

Perry encourages people to, “just find a monologue from one of the shows,” practice it and bring it with you on the cruise!

He’s also released a new book called Higher Is Waiting which is a memoir of his life.

“It’s called Higher Is Waiting for a reason because I think we spend too much time living low. Too much time looking up and not actually going up,” expressed Perry. “So I put down in the book all the things, a lot of things that I learned about getting higher, about believing, about faith, about God, about how I came through and how I came from homeless to this moment.”

Filled with stories of encouragement and advice to help you through tough times, Perry’s book looks to lift people up.

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One thought on “Tyler Perry Is Joining The 2018 Fantastic Voyage Cruise!

  1. Lisa Williams on said:

    I would love to play a part in a tv show, movie, and commercial. So I and my mom could have a place to stay and some type of transportation.

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