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Actress, producer and now director!  Terri J. Vaughn is doing it all in her directorial debut of #DigitalLivesMatter. It premieres on BET on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

“No, I couldn’t afford them with this movie, ” joked Vaughn about having Kym and Sherri in her film. “It’s very exciting. I would have loved to have Kym and Sherri in this because it is a comedy.”

The film is produced by Vaughn and her company Nina Holiday Entertainment along with local Atlanta companies.”We shot in Atlanta. It’s my directorial debut,” explained Vaughn.

The film is about, “A social media superstar starring DC Young Fly as himself. He’s at the top of his game. He wakes up one day to zero followers. He has to go around Atlanta doing good deeds to get his followers back, ” says Vaughn.

Being in here forties, Vaughn has really created a way for herself in the entertainment world working behind the camera.

“You just have to continue growing. I can’t stay stuck. I’m not good at asking people for permission. We’d go through the whole audition process,” she explained. She continued, “It was fine in my twenties and thirties, but I’m deep in my forties and I don’t have time to ask people for a job….I’m just enough so I’m just going to create my own stuff. ”

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