Chante Moore: ‘I’m A Whole Lot Of Woman What Can I Tell You?’


Singer Chante Moore has a new album called The Rise Of The Phoneix that drops on October 20, 2017. She’s really excited to share it!

Tom joked and said Moore used to be his girl and then he had to fill the void with Sherri Shepherd and Kym Whitley. She replied,”I’m a whole lot of woman what can I tell you?”

This album was very important to Moore because of what she’s been through. “Cause I’ve been through so much and I had to come out from whatever it is that I was going through whether it be divorce, unhappiness, or joy, or being a single parent, or being single, everything,” expressed Moore. “Everything that goes on in our lives I feel works out for our good and I take that and make music.”

On her album, the song Pray  is, “about this smooth chocolate man that um, that you know I just say a prayer for him because Lord knows I need his love.” She continued, “Pray is one of my favorite songs to sing. You know most girls like bad boys.”

Moore is capable of hitting some amazing notes and you wonder how does she maintain her voice. She explained, “I’m just blessed not to have too many vocal problems…You have to make sure to cater to it.”

She’s on a new label now as a singer and producer and says the process for coming up with music is still the same. “The process is the same musically in the studio because creating the music is the passion, ” expressed Moore.

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Chanté Moore Performs on the EXPO Stage
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