ESPN has suspended Jemele Hill for her tweets on Jerry Jones pressuring his players to not take a knee. If players take a knee they will be benched but if they don’t they can face backlash from fans. It prompted her to urge her followers to boycott advertisers for the Dallas Cowboys.

“She as a co-anchor, she has a right to give an analysis, ” says Sharpton. But because of the way that ESPN has dealt with Hill Sharpton says it, “sends a chilling impact on journalist and host that they can’t say anything.”

Sharpton is prepared to call a blackout of the ESPN if they don’t reinstate Jemele Hill to her position. Listen above to Rev. Al Sharpton’s full commentary.

At the offices of ESPN in response to #JemeleHill’s suspension.

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4 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton Says Jemele Hill ‘Has A Right To Give An Analysis’

  1. Why in HELL would Jerry Jones “take a knee” then later threaten his players for doing it? What a punk-A redneck hypocritical opportuni$t! He needs to be called on that.

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