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YORK, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania college has barred the public from seeing a provocative art exhibition on slavery, white supremacy and racist violence against blacks, deeming it “potentially disturbing.”

The touring “Rewind” exhibition opened at York College on Aug. 31, a few weeks after the deadly violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The show includes a display of mannequins dressed in colorful KKK-style robes, images of lynchings and artwork that deals with recent police shootings of unarmed blacks.

York officials say they decided to limit attendance to people with college IDs and invited guests.

“The images, while powerful, are very provocative and potentially disturbing to some. This is especially the case without the benefit of an understanding of the intended educational context of the exhibit,” said a statement released by college spokeswoman Mary Dolheimer.

The artist, Paul Rucker, of Baltimore, said the private college has missed an opportunity to start a dialogue about race relations. He said the show was previously mounted in Ellensburg, Washington, and Ferguson, Missouri, without any restrictions.

“There is so much more to art than pretty pictures and naked guy sculptures,” Rucker told the York Daily Record. “But there is a learning curve in showing art like this.”

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10 thoughts on “Pennsylvania College Bans Public From KKK Exhibit

  1. Ray Tilllery on said:

    You have missed the opportunity to have people understand and maybe see things differently. Like Mrs. Teel had her son’s coffin open to show the world what racism did to him, you should open this show up for everyone to see what racism has done so that we can move past it and move on!!!!!

    • When you say move past it and move on, do you mean forget it? Because we are past it and we have moved on, but we will not forget it!!!! Does anyone ask Jews to move past it and move on about the holocaust? We probably have more holocaust museums than Germany does, where it took place! We are just getting our museum! But, we need to move past it and move on, no, you want us to forget. Whites want us to forget their evil, not going to happen, EVER!!!

  2. Christianforreal on said:

    Also, what’s funny is that those who deem it ‘potentially disturbing’ are the those who were the perpetrators, conducting the disturbing behavior. Witch burnings, and lynchings were well attended by spectators

  3. I agree with the f-ing white devils, but the artist is a Black man and he is trying to show the racist and ugly history of this country. Something of which the devils want to white wash and bury. We have young people and others coming to OUR country and not being educated about the truth. They want to limit the exhibit, because it’s “potentially disturbing.” What a joke! How disturbing was it when our people had to live through it?

    • specialt757 on said:

      Interesting guy Paul Rucker, I looked him up, he’s a very talented musician and artist as well as activist. Knowing he’s black, this “art” display takes on a whole other meaning. I don’t get the outfits but according to Rucker, he doesn’t make art to make people feel better, he wants us to have open discussions about our history. And he notes 3 of the mannequins are black.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    What exactly should we learn from this “art” display? Stop pissing on us and telling us it’s raining (I’ll give credit to the great Judge Judy lol). F**king white devils.

    • I’m glad that you understand the meaning now. The only people that don’t want this to be seen are the people whose forefathers were the monsters who committed these evil acts against other people. Sadly, if they could get away with it they would still be killing and raping.

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