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Need a break from all the bad news happening in the world? No worries: We have the perfect distraction.

Enter: Beard Game Matters.

The relatively new Facebook group was started by Mike McMillan (pictured to create a space where other bearded men could collaborate and learn about his beard care products. To no one’s surprise the group, which now boasts 1.5 million members, has  gone viral. And for good reason—it’s absolute chocolatey goodness! McMillan days in the next few days, he’ll create an affiliated dating site (oh, its not that already?) that will cost just $0.99 literally worth every penny.

Why is this group so popular? Well, have you joined yet? Because if not you are missing out on some of the finest men around the country and ALL HAVE BEARDS. Yes, women of America, there is a group that exclusively features men with beards. While it’s mostly Black men, there are few bearded swirlers and an array of men in every job, age range and nook and cranny across the U.S.

It’s a daggone shame there are men this fine all across America that have yet to be discovered and yes, many of them are single, or at least claim to be. While we cannot vouch for marital status, legal status, educational status, sexual preference or anything else, here are a few example of recent BGM posts:



And Black women are totally here for it all!

Go ahead and take a look: You can thank us later!


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