Tina Campbell: ‘I Wouldn’t Trade My Pit For Nothing!’


“It’s wonderful when you can go through hell and God has something for you out of it, ” explains Tina Campbell on her new music.

It’s Still Personal is her new album and she expressed, “I didn’t know I was doing an album. These songs carried me through my journey and now they are carrying others. I’m not mad at my pit. To God be the glory.”

Too Hard To is her new song that talks about forgiveness. “A song that gave me God’s perspective on forgiveness especially when I didn’t want to hear it.”

On the past incidents in her life, Campbell explained, “I wouldn’t trade my pit for nothing. I learned how to really have faith. I had no choice but God. When I tell you I drank the Kool-Aid, I’m drunk in love. ”

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One thought on “Tina Campbell: ‘I Wouldn’t Trade My Pit For Nothing!’

  1. Passing Through! on said:

    No it’s no faith is called acceptance laced in religion. Taking your cheating husband back who slept with multiple women and one on the women was a close friend of the family. You blame yourself for his shortcoming and stay in a toxic marriage because of your religious upbringing and gospel roots, it’s easier to just accept, forgive and give the glory to god as oppose to walking away and being a single mother of 4. She’s so brainwashed in religion she can’t see reality.

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