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Fox is currently developing two more drama projects from Lee Daniels, the co-creator/executive producer of the network’s Empire and Star, reports Deadline.

Victory, with writer Julian Breece, is set in the world of competitive gospel choirs, while East of Hope is described as a multi-racial soap opera.

Written and executive produced by Breece, Victory tells the inspirational story of a prodigal son and a group of forgotten young people who must rise above their personal hardships to save a church and heal a broken community through the power of song.

Victory has received a put pilot commitment from the network, according to Deadline.

From “Outsiders” creator Peter Mattei, East of Hope is set in an All-American working class town and centers around two families divided by a past event, and reconnected by blood. Both tie their hopes and dreams to the high school basketball team, which they see as their ticket to a better life.

East of Hope has a script commitment from the network with penalty, reports Deadline.

Daniels executive produces both projects via his Lee Daniels Entertainment. 20th Century Fox TV, where Daniels is under an overall deal.

Victory marks Breece’s second collaboration with Daniels. The pair recently sold to Fox the hourlong project Mason Dixon. Additionally, Breece serves as a co-producer on Beau Willimon’s new Hulu series, The First.

(Photo Credit: Lee Daniels Courtesy/AP)

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One thought on “Lee Daniels Signs On For ‘Victory’ A Show About Gospel Choirs

  1. Hi Willie,

    Thanks for adding your voice of victory to and encouraging all of us Gods children daily. May the grace of our lord continue to be with your spirit and enfire you to do more mighty thinks in His kingdom in Jesus name. I am a regular listener here in the DMV, often alternating between you and WVA on my way home. Kudus to you and your team for a job well done daily.

    Today, I felt compelled to write you concerning what from my angle seemed to be an issue of insensitivity. As the top 3 segment came on and Ms. Lee was talking about the now viral NAMBIA gaffe of 45, I was taken aback that none of you could pronounce the name of the country. I personally believe took this as being rude or at the very best unprofessional. Even, the PRODUCER didn’t know. How is that possible, did he not do the research to prepare you and the crew before the show?

    You see it is seemingly insignificant things like this, that the enemy continue to use in perpetuating the myth of Africa as a dangerous and backward continent. There is a lot of racism from my brothers on this side of the world against those from Africa and most of it is because of ignorance. Today was one of those days when you could have used your medium to at the very least teach people the correct name of the country NAMIBIA. Listen to the segment again, the country was treated like a bump on the editorial log of today. Please lets be more sensitive.

    Not a sermon, Just a thought. Simply keeping it 100!

    Remain Blessed.

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