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Uh oh, once Tyrese gets wind of this story, you might wanna grab some popcorn and sit back and just observe his reaction(s) ’cause you know that’s how he rolls.

And with the nature of the accusations being made by his ex-wife, it’s probably in his best interest to respond. According to a new report, the actor/singer/entrepreneur is said to have pinned his daughter to the ground and beat her so viciously she was unable to sit down afterward. Additionally, his ex-wife has received a restraining order seeking protection.

In court documents Norma Mitchell Gibson claims that on August 19, while their 10-year-old daughter was staying with the actor, he allegedly “went into a rage, pushed our daughter to the ground, pinned her face down, put his knees on her back, grabbed her hands with one arm and beat her with the other,” reports The Blast.

Norma Gibson claims the fight started after Tyrese accused their daughter, Shayla Somer Gibson, of “stealing her own piggy bank money that she received for her birthday.”

She adds that the child was beaten again several times after she “begged for mercy, ” and screamed, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please stop! You’re hurting me!”

Gibson says their daughter later told her, “mum, dad beat me so hard that it hurts when I sit down.”

Hmm, it gets even crazier. The ex-Mrs. Gibson also says she’s afraid that Tyrese will abduct Shayla to Dubai, where he frequently visits, which would prevent her from bringing their “daughter home from a Muslim country.” She claims he has significant influence and power with the royals in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

If you’ve followed Tyrese over the years, you know he and Norma have a long history of hating on each other. They’ve been dancing with each other in a vicious divorce and custody battle for years. Norma claims Tyrese has a long history of domestic abuse, and she says he has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and manic behavior. Tyrese is adamant all her claims are false.

According to sources, Tyrese, not too surprisingly, denies all allegations of abuse and plans to go at Norma in court.

Here’s the bottom line, which we find interesting. The request for protection was granted by a judge. It bars Tyrese from directly or indirectly contacting his ex or daughter until the hearing on October 2.

Physical custody of their daughter was given to Norma, with Tyrese getting no visitation.

(Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton / PR Photos)

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18 thoughts on “Tyrese’s Ex Claims He Beat Their Daughter In Court Documents

  1. Why do the ex’s do stupid stuff like this, make the child lie on their father, she is either GREEDY or lonely. Stop it girl, your daughter will grow up to hate you when she finds out the truth.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    “…& my opinion necessary with some children”
    It’s funny you say that and I don’t necessarily disagree with you, especially after a certain age. However, I watched this video clip of this dad “disciplining his 2 y.o. and it was pretty special. She was having a fit in a store, she wanted something and mom told her NO, and she went nuts. Her dad took her out of the store, sat her on top of his car and handled it. He spoke to her without raising his voice and told her what the business was. She sat there and listened quietly and respectfully, she stopped crying almost immediately, and when he asked her questions or told her what not to do, she responded in her cute lil voice, yes sir. And he wouldn’t let her down until he was clear she understood and knew he was serious. You could see her waving at passer-byers and her fit was over, she was just a happy little kid again.
    He said, see, you never have to hit or argue with a child especially a 2 y.o. or ANY child, they are going to do what you say when you say it, because in his mind, he shows and demands respect from them under no uncertain terms. And that’s how he would handle any kid.
    Unfortunately, all kids don’t have people like this man in their lives to teach them how to behave and they end up not having respect and making the most horrible mistakes that cost them their lives one way or the other. This is not just a black thing, it’s a society as a whole thing, ask d.roof. The bottom line is you got to teach them early. I’ll stop here.

  3. I hope there is no rush to judgment. Just because MOM says that it is so does not make it so. I view this with a lot of skepticism because of the “bad blood” between the ex and Tyrese.

  4. WHAT HECK DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH BEING BLACK? NEWS FLASH: Whites/Hispanics do this kind of thing all the time in making claims truth or lies especially when they want money or upset and want revenge (most blacks when making claims like this try to use the kid and make the father not see the kid compare to just lying about abuse). I find this hard to believe at the moment due to how she have behave in the past and she seem to be upset that Tyrese is married to a beautiful EDUCATED woman and not her. Sorry but people used our system for “petty” nonsense to destroy someone reputation all the time. We will see though.

  5. Tim Green on said:

    *shrugs* sounds like corporal punishment, anyone who’s ever gotten a good spanking on their ass KNOWS that it hurts to sit down afterwards … its ALWAYS easy to armchair quarterback how others should discipline THEIR children. In most states corporal punishment is perfectly legal & my opinion necessary with some children

  6. specialt757 on said:

    Just because you say it, don’t make it so. Where are the photos, because if he beat her as described above, the mother was being a neglectful parent by not getting her daughter medical treatment and filing a police report and filing for a P.O. to keep him away.
    See this is that bullshit, and now I’m heated because I think Tyrese is just an okay person, he makes great music, but I’m not a HUGE fan and now I find myself defending him. I guess we’ll see some evidence after Oct 2’s court date. If she doesn’t produce any, he should file a defamation lawsuit, this is not a good look.

    • If he beat her daughter the way she says, why is he still breathing? If he didn’t and she’s lying like a rug, then she’s a poor excuse for a woman and needs to have her tongue pulled out of her head. If he did beat her child the way she claims, and she did nothing, she’s a poor excuse for a mother and a woman. Either way, she’s more useless than a sack of dead roaches.

      • specialt757 on said:

        “…why is he still breathing?”
        Well kates, unfortunately in our society, all a black man has to do is be accused of doing wrong or doing harm, and his life is pretty much ruined, ask Bill. In our society it seems as if a black man is guilty until proven innocent 99.9% of the time. So there would be no need for me to kill him, because society will have done that for me, again, unfortunately. I need irrefutable evidence before I accuse any black man of doing some thing in 2017, because I already know the stigma the world puts on them, they are public enemy #1 and I don’t want his incarceration or death to ease the conscious of our messed up society.
        It may seem to you and maybe others, that I’m making excuses for black men, but I assure you, that is not the case. All we have to do is look at the killings of unarmed black men, the allegations of rape and sexual assaults against men of color, the cases of jury tampering, or the misconduct by prosecutors, judges, law regulators and other powers-that-be, to see the unfair tactics used against us. I’m in no way ignoring the crimes committed against us by us; If you commit the crime you must the do the time, ALL BAD GUYS no matter the color of their skin, or their occupation should be treated the same. Justice should be blind, but when it comes to us, that heifer is wide awoke.

      • Which is why I said if she lied like rug, she should have her tongue pulled out of her head. But, if he did do what she said, and that was my daughter, a restraining order wouldn’t be necessary. Period.

    • According to the story, she did file for, and was granted a restraining order, which will be in effect until October 2nd when they go to court. I don’t have a firm opinion one way or the other on whether or not he actually did this though, I suppose only time will tell. On an unrelated note, I will say that I don’t personally care much for Tyrese. In my opinion, he spends far too much time trying to instruct Black women on what they are “doing wrong”, and on how to be women, when he should probably be spending more time worrying about how to conduct himself as a man. Jmo…

      • specialt757 on said:

        Your opinion about Tyrese is respected. On the restraining order, I had to go back and read, and yes it does say she filed for one and the hearing is Oct 2, but also in the article is states “She adds that the child was beaten again several times after she “begged for mercy, ” and screamed, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please stop! You’re hurting me!” Is she really saying that she didn’t have this man arrested for child abuse or endangerment or something, a restraining order doesn’t seem to be enough. Had this been my child and she told me this, the police would have been called on the spot to document the alleged abuse.

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