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Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds is performing at the Southern Heritage Classic and on the 2018 Fantastic Voyage Cruise!

Of all the songs that he’s made we had to ask what his top three were? He replied, “That’s too hard. Because there’s a bunch of songs I’ve forgotten about. We’re going to be waiting a long time!”

Edmonds’ has made a lot of songs in a ton of different genres, but Kym asked if there’s a genre he hasn’t explored. He said, “I haven’t done country but I’m getting ready to go to Nashville and write for some artist.”

Often times as a successful artist many songs they write are for other artists. You may wonder if there were any that Edmonds wanted to keep for himself. He said, “I really thought hard about trying to keep “End Of The Road”, but it went to the right place.”

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