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Uh oh. Are the suits over at NBC freaking out cause they are worried that after dumping popular host Tamron Hall for Megyn Kelly that Kelly’s upcoming morning replacement show won’t appeal to younger people and non-whites? Yep, that’s the fear and the predicament the network finds itself in after Hall’s departure.

According to the Daily Beast, the network is freaking out because the performance of Kelly’s current Sunday night show has let execs in a “total panic” about her morning show, which will debut on Sept. 25. As we reported back in January, the network made room for Kelly by axing the 9am hour of the long-running “Today Show” that was co-hosted by Hall and Al Roker.

megyn kelly

“A lot of people were watching the [Sunday] magazine show to try to get a sense of her appeal to the daytime demographic and a sense of how she would be outside of the Fox environment,” one insider told The Daily Beast. “Fox News skews very male… I always tend to think of her as more of a guy’s girl than a girl’s girl… It’s extremely challenging, and I’m not sure Megyn’s personality really connects with women.”

Here’s what TV news analyst Andrew Tyndall had to say about Kelly’s Sunday show and its appeal or lack thereof especially to non-whites:

“The Sunday show laid such an egg that any claims that she had automatic star power, to get people in the door to see what she was doing, have been disavowed… The stardom of the celebrity anchor was a phenomenon of the 1980s back when [flamboyant ABC News president] Roone Arledge was around. In this day and age, the shows make the anchors, not the other way around.”

On the other hand, things are looking up for Hall. She’s working on her own syndicated daytime talk show with the backing of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Like they say, when one door closes, another opens.

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24 thoughts on “Tamron Hall May Have The Last Laugh In Megyn Kelly Deal

  1. Cynthia Williams on said:

    I am saddened to learn that Tampon was force out, she was so beautiful and perfectly blended in with the team.I will limit my support due to her departure, you let a good person get away NBC shame on you.

  2. Jane Finley-English on said:

    So sad Tamron’s gone! Kelly as a replacement? Is ludicrous! Everyone loves Tamron and Kelly has the appeal of a bland mushroom! Big mistake!

  3. L jefferson on said:

    Tamron is a jewel!! Smart intelligent and lovely! Even though I stopped watching The Today Show years ago when they put Sara Palin the clown on I still knew about Ms Hall. NBC messed up! I watch MSNBC everyday though- better leave my Joy, Rachel, and Rev Al alone!!

  4. Tammy Pope on said:

    Tamron Hall was the best thing to happen to the today show. When I discovered how they treated her replacing the 9 am hour with Megan Kelly I was completely finished with the today show. How stupid could they be Tamron was funny, energetic, beautiful and completely down to earth.

    • Aisa McCullough on said:

      Same here. I immediately stopped watching. Will never watch Megyn Kelly. Send her back to Fox fake news. Tamron is a legitimate journalist as well as sincere and personable. I will watch her wherever she lands. She has integrity.

  5. Judy P Ellis on said:

    This was a dumb move on your part to put Megyn Kelly in that spot. My friends and I will not watch her and I hope your ratings continue to go down. People of all Races and ages love Tamron Hall. Why didn’t you leave well enough alone. Watching Megyn Kelly it’s like walking on a bed of nails with no shoes on.

    • Tamron Hall, you have to be kidding! Zero talent just like Roker the circus clown. She wouldn’t know a news story if it bit her on the butt, her main attribute

      • Emma Greene on said:

        Dave, you ‘do’ know that along with her appearance on the NBC “Today” show Tamron also anchored hour long news programs on MSNBC, right? Tamron was a wonderful, professional news broadcaster. You could find her on MSNBC reporting news during the day and sometimes on Saturdays. I actually think she was a better news reporter than celebrity host, but I could tell she liked her job on the “Today” show best. MSNBC wanted to keep Tamron, but she left both jobs in protest. I miss seeing her deliver news on MSNBC.

  6. Phyllis on said:

    I watched The Today Show for over 20 years. When they forced out Tamron Hall, I stopped watching them and switched to Good Morning America. If Megan Kelly is coming to day time, NBC you made a big mistake!! She doesn’t appeal to women white or African American. She doesn’t have a likeable personality that will attract the daytime audience. Best wishes to you Tameron

  7. Beverly Herron on said:

    Of course, Tamron Hall’s credentials speak for themselves. Of course they can never leave well enough alone and then whenever there’s a bad rating they want to reach back and bring back the truth. You go for what you know Tameron and don’t look back ever!I love strong women.

  8. B. Strongwatet on said:

    It is bad enough you got rid of Tamron, (trying to please the white Trump voter) but now ALRoker and bubbly Shennel Jones is a big mistake
    on your part. I like the guess
    Co host, or even the other host on the show. Why fix something that is not broken.

  9. Rosine Taylor-White on said:

    It’s all racism! The old whites are sratching like they did at the end of Rome. Instead of jioning with the masses and takin part; to make a stake in the future; they using fear and hate to hold on to the horse and buggy! It’s sad and tiring! They should be reachinf out to the future! EVERYTHING CHANGES!!!

  10. Michelle Harding on said:

    This is unfortunate that Tamron was fired she is a knowledgeable and dignified anchor. I enjoyed watching her. I wish NBC would clear up this disturbing connection. Did Megyn Kelly replace Al Roker and Tamron Hall? That looks like a purely racist move since Al and Tamron are phenomenal. I will not watch NBC

  11. NBC has turned into a mini faux news. Tamron Hall is beloved by many of all ages and races. Megan Kelly reminds people of racism which we get enough of with this sick President. You made a BIG mistake and I’m glad she’s gone!

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