Special Commentary: Roland Martin Puts A Read On Pastor Paula White


Last night televangelist Paula White made some eyebrow raising remarks saying that Donald Trump was, “raised up by God” and comparing him to Queen Esther.

Well, Roland Martin wasn’t having any of it as he was quick to call the pastor out!  Roland gives a sermon like no other!

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61 thoughts on “Special Commentary: Roland Martin Puts A Read On Pastor Paula White

  1. Robert E. Smith on said:

    While President Trump is only reaping the hell which he has sown, he at the same time is doing more (all things considered) to help right the ship, that had been torpedoed by the moral decadence of the prior president. While Paula White with diminishing credibility doesn’t help much at all. However, the biggest problem lies with Mr. Roland Martin, in his spiritual duplicity an enigma of a personality that speaks out of both sides of his mouth!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Ok this is a little bit off topic, but I was watching one of these TV pastors the other day because I didn’t make it to church and he said that if 1000 people sewed a seed of $1000 that in 90 days they would see their seed grow like 10 fold, he was a dynamic speaker and very very convincing. Almost had me convince that God was going to grow my $1000 if I sent it to him and he would send me is paper-back book on something or other, I don’t remember.
    Now I do believe in giving and I do believe that holding onto my $1000 in a bank or under my mattress will grow slow or not at all. And I have seen the many blessings from God when I am generous in my giving. What I kept asking myself is “why do I need to send it to YOU (tv pastor) in order for God to grant me this 10-fold blessings?” It’s not as if he was saying to donate $1000 to your favorite charity, it would be going to directly to him. Every day I’m blessed, my first blessing of the day is to wake up with all my faculties and in my right mind. I’m never without food, without an automobile, or without a home to live. Would I like to be among the 2%ers, of course, but I’m also very much content where I am, anything more, is truly a blessing from God.

    • Shanika Burney on said:

      If I had $1000 to give, I wouldn’t give it to a mega church. I would give it to a small church or an Christian organization that was for children.

  3. Thank you Roland Martin! Well said!

    Paula White and the others worship a “man-child” who encourages police brutality; have been married “three times,” doesn’t respect women? I used to watch television these Pastors, but I have stopped watching them. They are greedy racist, hyprocrites! Paula White is a prime example of why you cannot let everyone “lay hands on you, and “pray for you!” Devils in disguise.

  4. Stacey Mitchell on said:

    Wow!!! Thank you Sir for addressing Paula White’s foolery. I listened to her in pain as she attempted to use God’s Word to justify President Trumps actions and his heart. No…He is NOT A CHRISTIAN. You recognize Christians by their love for one another. Trump’s heart bleeds through….If “Make American Great (White) Again didn’t show you who this man truly is, then you are the problem. Thank you Roland Martin again!!!!! European Americans and African Americans need to leave Paula’s church TODAY!!!……Really!!!! Really!!!!! Seriously!!! Flee!!!!!

  5. Realtalk on said:

    Thank you for speaking the gospel truth brother. Call a thing a thing. Donald Trump continuously exploits the divsions of this country. Lacks empathy, has no understanding and resembles nothing of what Christianity is let alone anything of moral complex. It’s not only Americans who oppose his presidency, but other countries as well. The bible says the poor will be with us always and as Christians that is our duty as Christ become poor for us. No matter how you look at it, the Christian walk is to love, walk in forgiveness, show humility for all mankind not just a particular race or party. Yeah, because I’m a follower of Jesus Christ I will continue to pray for him as the word has commanded, but I know he does not exemplify any Christian characteristic that I’ve seen thus far. To be one of God’s children you must accept him as God and believe that he is God. Has he even accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior…obviously not. You know a fruit by it’s tree…thats bible 101. As a Christian you crucify your flesh daily to take on the attributes of Christ. So to compare Donald Trump to what the bible shows us in our greatest example Jesus Christ as what a Christian should be and strive for is insane.

  6. Gary L Jordan on said:

    I wonder why she feels that we are suppose to support a man that doesn’t support us. He lies daily. Paula White cheated on her husband, so she and Donald have been whores in common I guess, so she thinks she can defend him too. I don’t respect her at all nor Trump.

  7. Kirsta Fort on said:

    I agree with Roland 100%. Pastor Paula White was out of order to claim that Donald Trump is a Christian. Trump has made negative remarks or gestures about every minority group there is. He is a racist bigot who just wants to be in power even though he clearly has no idea of what he is talking about or doing. As for Paula White, shame on you for saying you have Trumps ear, and are his spiritual advisor. Yes, Trump does need some sound advice, but so far he seems to have not been given any. How can you defend a monster like Donald Trump? Please explain.

      • Thank you so much Roland for using scripture to point out the devil that Trump is. He’s the opposite of what God is, and there are so many people who doesn’t understand the scripture in which they read. The bible states they will be sway by any doctrine. Thank you.

      • Bellefleurmadam on said:

        Blind and dumb. God gave us President Obama , a Christian and a man with no scandal. He tried to help everyone just as Jesus did. Because he was vilified and blocked on every effort and the people didn’t appreciate him. So yes, now you have the Devil you asked for. God has nothing to do with this devious character.

      • Concerned Citizen on said:

        I call BS on you!!! Ignorant, selfish, fools put Donald Trump in the White House. In other words, people just like Trump himself.

  8. Jesus has never been on the same planet, much less the same room, as Donald Trump. Jesus is not responsible for the creation of that blow hard.

  9. Paula White need to take a seat and never get up and keep that mouth of hers closed, she’s all washed up, and the things that happened back in Tampa fla,ppl will never forget, she couldn’t preach her way outta a paper bag.

  10. JLamour on said:

    Roland! You are awesome! Thank you for speaking the truth! I already wrote Paula an email about her endorsing Trump. I can’t believe her stance! I will not look at her program anymore. I have NO confidence in her leadership or her spiritual life.

  11. Robbin Henry on said:

    I don’t care what they say there is nothing about Donald Trump that remotely resembles Jesus Christ. There is no truth in him. God is showing us the truth about these so-called evangelicals. Say you support him that is your right, but don’t say it is God. You shall know them by their fruit. I fell for this as a young believer but not now.

    • Lone Wolf on said:

      If I’m not mistake, and I know I’m not, it was Donald Trump during the 1st presidential debate that actually brought up the problems of high crime, education and jobs in the Black communities in America. Hillary Clinton (white Democrat) claimed it was racist to identify these issues as problems, and the media echoed the narrative of Trump being a racist. Now we sit here claiming to holier than thou, supporting transgenders issues, wanting to destroy people with different views that have been there all the time but ignored, and removing statues that never bothered us before, until we were told they were offensive. Once again taking the bait hook, line and sinker. Baaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  12. Lone Wolf on said:

    Donald Trump isn’t the cause of our grief. And getting rid of him will not make it better. As other minorities have long passed us by, we will continue to whine about our past as if we are still in chains. I suppose we are still in chains, mental chains inflicted upon us by our modern day Democratic Party leaders. By keeping African Americans in mental chains, the Whites in the modern day Democratic Party are no different than the White Democrats of the past that brought us the KKK and Jim Crow.
    You see the Democrat party makes sure that we understand we can’t achieve anything of significance without legislated advantages or survive without handouts via support of the Democrat Party. Therefore, Asians, Indians (Eastern), and even Hispanics have exceeded African-Americans on every level without any or many of the same advantages granted African Americans by government agencies, the educational systems, and corporations. Understand most if not all, educational, corporate, and governmental affirmative action programs do not even apply to Asians and Indians. You don’t accept what I say above? So I say look at the condition of every Black community and compare them to the communities of other groups; Black school performances, Black crime rates, Black employment participation, and the vile cultural rot promoted to African-Americans by White owned progressive-entertainment-media.
    Some guy name Chris on this website told me I don’t speak for Black people. He is correct. White Democrats speak for Black people and dictate to us what to believe and think. I speak to Black people and that’s why I’m the Lone Wolf. Because of Black people like Chris, African Americans as a whole will continue to be, in the end, slaves. If not to the white-Democrats, then maybe to the Hispanics, or Asians, or Indians as there will be plenty more masters of achievement to look after us Blacks once the Whites are no longer around. Baaaaaaaaaa!!!

    • No Nonsense on said:

      Typical. When presented with all of the issues related to the current President, instead of addressing them, all we get is a long speech about the Democrats, Hillary and Obama. You have no solutions, and refuse to admit that we have a new set of problems. Please stop telling me about how the KKK was made up of Democrats 100 years ago. Everybody knows this. But since the 1960s, the KKK and white supremacists have voted Republican. Everybody knows this as well.

  13. Inez Toles on said:

    I listen to her preach the word but when I saw her speaking about supporting #45 my heart shivered. The devil is cunning.

  14. Celeste on said:

    Pastor Paula or no Pastor Paula, what did the Blacks get after 8 years of Obama besides more on the Food Stamp payroll? Race relations went back 30 0r 40 years under Obama. I did not vote for Obama, but gave him a chance because i thought maybe he would unite the country. He DID NOT! Obama made it more divided and then passed the inner-city, cop killing atmosphere onto the next president! We did not vote for Obama, but once he won we respected him as the president. Pastor Paula is absolutely right about the hate, vitriole and disrespect being thrown at the 45th ELECTED president. And these haters call themselves Christians!

    • Jackson Richards on said:

      Why do you say Obama set race relations back 30 -40 years when on the very night a group of white us senators went in a back room and came up with a plan to disrupt and conspire against anything this President wanted to do for 8 years obstruct not work with the President as far more food stamps are concerned research and you will be shock to learn which race of people receive the most in food stamps as far as cop killing everyone is in an uproar when a black kills a cop but research has shown that mire whites have killed cops . So stop blaming Obama for everything wrong in America Obama didn’t start 2 unjustified cm wars that tree the middle East in an uproar.

    • JLamour on said:

      Open your eyes and see and speak the truth. 45 lies; 45 has cheated people out of money who worked for him; 45 throws his political conrads under the bus, like Senator John McCain, a Viet Nam War hero and now suffering from brain cancer; where is his sense of decency ?? 45 was sued for not allowing Blacks to move in his apartment building. 45 tells multiple lies and half truths. 45 makes global decisions without collaboration with department heads and people in authority–his decision on LGBT and the armed forces was totally out of line and the generals told him so. While I do not endorse the sin of homosexuality, nor adultery, nor fornication, I accept and love the person because Christ tells us to love even our enemies. Christ also tells us not to endorse sin and its unfruitful works. 45 in NO way embodies a Christian lifestyle in his conversation, integrity, not lifestyle. He has demeaned the office of POTUS with his inappropriate and vulgar tweets attacking people, calling them names, and just plain lying. Like he said he disbanded the business councils…..newsflash! They quit! and when he saw they were all leaving him, then like a little kid, he runs and tweets that he disbanded the councils. Geesz!

  15. I am really at awe at what Pastor Paula White is saying about our president yes we are to pray for those in authority,but you can’t lead Gods people astray and do what you feel is right for the majority,Gods exposing those leaders whom say they walk with him do they really!Pray now more than ever before

  16. Gia Bleu on said:


  17. I have a problem with so call preacher being married and then divorced, and then remarry again. I use to listen to Paula White a lot. I have heard her speak in person and she really talk a good talk. L she is WHITE, Huni

  18. pac4me on said:

    Roland went there!!! Yes, Lord. (I wonder if this counts for me not going to church this past Sunday) – So glad he called her out!!! Paula White is thee number one biggest hypocrite who thinks it’s okay to go into black congregations and preach nonsense and then expect us to give her our money.

  19. Unfortunately, many of us “christians” call the name of the Lord but cannot empathize beyond the complexion of our skins. All these so called people of God touting 45 as a christian, I am yet to hear 45 (who definitely has a god complex) confess Jesus Christ as savior and LORD!

  20. I love hearing Roland speaking truth to power. He keeps these fake ass ppl in check. Especially 45. Keep on keeping on, Ro, Ro!!!!

  21. specialt757 on said:

    She is talking about the same man of “god” who grabs women’s lady parts, kisses them without their permission and sexually assaults them AND a man of “god”? Roland took her dim-whitted hind-parts to church this morning, she is as fake as that fake speech she gave in the name of the “lord”. Amen. Keep schooling those fools Roland.

  22. Angela Cleary on said:

    Im an atheist but I heard you this morning and I felt God. Thank you for saying what needs to be said. It hurts me so deeply to see good Christian folx be so confused they support that man.

  23. There are always some of us who are DELUSIONAL as the other folks are.

    This chick is simply one of them.
    Why any person of color would consider Chump a Savior is beyond me.

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