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The fact that Donald Trump is getting his ignorant, stupid ass roasted over his limp-dick response to the violence in #Charlottesville is as it should be.

The bottom line is that racists called “#Unite The Right” were armed with weapons of all kinds and basically did what they pleased with unarmed protesters, one of which was Deandre Harris.

As you can see in the photo Harris seemed to suffer the worst possible outcome of the protest. Harris says he was jumped by a group of white supremacists who hit him with poles/sticks in a parking garage next door to the police station!

The photo of him being beaten went viral, and he suffered a broken wrist, a chipped tooth, and numerous amounts of stitches in his head.

In the wake of the incident, Harris has taken to Instagram to voice his frustration with the situation, posting a bloody photo of him after the attack.

The photo’s caption says “Today as I fought for what I believe in. F—K KKK F—K THE NAZIS F—K ALL WHITE SUPREMACISTS.” Harris went on to say: “P—-Y N—AS TRIED TO KILL ME TODAY BUT I’M STILL UP F—K N—-AS.”

As you can imagine, the shocking photo immediately went viral and although Harris received multiple injuries, he says that he’s thankful to be alive to tell his story.

“Me and about five of my friends were out protesting. We thought [the racists] left, but at one point they came back. Everyone was exchanging words with the group, but then the KKK and white supremacists just rushed us,” Harris told TheRoot in an interview.

“They were beating me with poles. I have eight staples in my head, a broken wrist and a chipped tooth,” Harris added.

Harris said if it wasn’t for his friends who helped him, after they noticed him under the pile of white supremacists, he probably wouldn’t be alive to tell his story.

Harris and his family currently have plans to sue the city, as the attack took place next to a police station, but no cops showed up.

“The beating happened right beside the police department, and no police were there to help me at all.”


Donald Trump, you need YOUR ass beat like this for fomenting this crap in the first place. 🙁

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