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Four Memphis, Tennessee women are facing murder charges in connection with the shooting and killing of a Wilson City, Missouri man.

28-year-old Brittany Curry, 23-year-old Ponesha Taylor, 19-year-old Johniesha Simmons and 23-year-old Lauteshia Dotson. were charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon.

Ralph Edward Cross, 55. was found in his house on August 1 with a gun shot wound to the back.  These four women worked as escorts.

The women stopped outside of Cross’ house because they reportedly had a flat tire. Cross offered them assistance by buying them a new tire. According to authorities he then invited them into his house for the night.

During interviews of the suspects with investigators, two of the women said that Brittney Curry (on far left) was the one that shot and killed Ralph Edward Cross.

Court documents say that Cross was last seen at his house between 6:30 am and 6:45 am. According to an eye witness, Cross was in an argument with three women outside of his house. The fourth women was sitting in the driver’s seat of a white car that was parked out front. As he walked away the witness heard a noise and saw the three women jump into the car.

As he watched, the car came up to him when one of the women said Cross is, “tripping and do not go back down there”.

In the process of the investigation, evidence was found that one of the women had been inside of Cross’ car. A finger print found in the car matched the prints of Lauteshia Dotson.

The motive for this crime comes out to be robbery according to Officer Caid. Witnesses have noted that they’ve seen Cross with a large amount of money which has not been found. Evidence that supports this motive shows in the house that couch cushions were thrown all over the as well as pockets of pants that had appeared to have been searched through.

The women turned themselves in after their family and friends saw coverage of the story.

(Photo Credit: Mississippi County Sheriff’s Department)

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