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A mother of two girls, who want to improve her looks with a butt enhancement, died almost two weeks after a botched procedure, the New York Daily News reports.

Latesha Bynum, 31, went to a clinic on July 15, located in a Manhattan residential building, to get silicone injections from someone who presented himself as a doctor.

The Harlem woman experienced dizziness and chest pains that evening. An ambulance rushed Bynum to a hospital, where doctors declared her brain-dead. On Thursday, just three days before her birthday, physicians removed life support, the Daily News reported.

The medical examiner is awaiting test results before declaring a cause of death. Meanwhile, in an ongoing police investigation, authorities have neither identified the doctor nor stated whether the procedure was legal, according to the newspaper.

However, Bynum’s family has made up its mind.

“My daughter was murdered,” Bertie Bynum, the victim’s mother told the Daily News.

She added: “I want to know: Why did they kill my baby? Why did they do that. They wasn’t supposed to do that. You killed a mother, you killed a sister!”

Bynum’s brother, Tymel Bynum, told the newspaper that his sister’s feet turned blue after the procedure. The clinic responded by placing her in the shower twice before sending her away.

“Why wasn’t she taken to medical care? That probably could’ve saved her life,” he stated to the newspaper. “That’s murder. Just because the person didn’t pull a trigger, it’s still murder.”

The family’s lawyer, Jack Yankowitz, said the procedure could not have been performed by a professional.

SOURCE:  New York Daily News


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9 thoughts on “Butt Enhancement Surgery Was Murder, Relatives Say

    • Peggy on said:

      White women have died also from this. Don’t act like it’s just the Sistas who do. I feel for this young ladies family and children.

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Thank you God for giving me the mind-set to love who you made me and for showing me that you love me no matter what I look like. And thank you God, because when I look in the mirror I don’t see all my flaws, I have learned to accept and be grateful for the things I can’t change and the wisdom to know that it’s not about me getting the glory, it’s about the You in me.
    I’m also very thankful that You put angels in my life to guide me in the right direction and even when I took an alternative path, you were there to show me the light, I only wish that others like Latesha Bynum knew and accepted your love, favor, grace, and mercy. I pray for the other young ladies out here that don’t know you Lord, please reveal yourself to them before they make a foolish mistake like Latesha. Amen.

  2. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    This is not murder, it is poor decision making on the part of Latesha Bynum. Having big butts is supposed to be the it thing now WHY? Its unhealthy and when they get older it will be useless fat once it starts sagging. And people are so quick to get these injections wonder if they think of how to get it out? Be yourself and you dont have to worry about attracting attention based on how big your butt is!

  3. Diane on said:

    Enough with these injections. It’s not worth losing your life over. Everyone has something about themselves they don’t like.

  4. Who goes to some strangers apartment for butt injections?
    You are asking for trouble.

    Women these days seem to be very superficial and insecure when it comes to their
    looks and bodies.

    Why not be thankful with whatever shape God gave you or didn’t give you.
    All this beauty enhancement is coming at such a high price–your LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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