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Last week two intelligent women of Spelman College died in two separate car accidents.

Senior Erica Lanier, of Stone Mountain, Ga, died after a car accident Wednesday.

Alexis Sims, a graduate of Spelman, was driving when she crashed her car killing Lanier. According to 11 Alive WXIA, Sims was charged with vehicular homicide, and DUI. Reports from the police say that Sims was speeding when she lost control and crashed into a utility pole and fence. Sims is still hospitalized.

The family of Erica Lanier is not mad at the driver and prays for her recovery, according to WSB-TV.

An active student, Erica Lanier was a education studies major and was one of the founders of Gifted Girls of Grace, a program that focuses on empowering teen girls. Lanier was a member of the Morehouse “Mahogany-n-Motion” dance team.

In Monrovia, Liberia 19-year-old Princess Yates died in a car accident. She was visiting the country to celebrate her grandmothers 90th birthday. 11 Alive reports that Yates withdrew from Spelman where she was a double major in engineering and environmental science.

On top of her tragic death, the Staten Island, N.Y. native was refused treatment at the hospital she was taken to because “she had no money on her”

As of now, there are two fundraisers going on now to cover the cost of bringing Yates home to be buried in the U.S.

(Sources: 11 Alive WXIA & WSB-TV)


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12 thoughts on “Two Spelman Students Die In Car Accident Within Days Of Each Other

  1. specialt757 on said:

    If I’m not mistaken, having insurance was not the issue, nothing in this article states she didn’t have insurance. It says, she was taken to a hospital in Liberia (I suppose) and they refused treatment because she didn’t have money on her. They may not have accepted U.S. insurance in the first place.

  2. Zipporah Felton on said:

    Firstly to be a doctor you sure don’t know how to spell because the school is definitely, SPELMAN and secondly as a member of the Spelman community it would be greatly appreciated if you don’t say anything disrespectful about my Spelman sisters especially if you don’t have all of the facts and can’t read.

  3. James R. on said:

    And people still thinks the Obama Healthcare need to be eliminate, any healthcare at all helps the people of America, to not be refused at the hospitals, because of lack of money.

      • James R. on said:

        Being as young as she are she may have not know about it. But let me ask you a question Dr. Larry, you are probably insured by someone whether it be you company or personal insurance, everyone in America cannot pay the premiums you pay for health coverage.

  4. Dr. Larry on said:

    Spellman graduate charged with vehicular manslaughter and DUI. Yep, a fine intelligent black woman. For real BAW, for real?

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