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Zendaya, Basketball Wives, Shaunie O'Neal And Jackie Christie Visit Hollywood Today Live

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Is Jackie Christie a messy b*tch who lives for drama? According to her daughter Takari Lee, she is. Lee is dropping a tell-all book where she reveals Christie’s allege criminal behavior including shoplifting and scamming.

In exerpts from Lee’s book, “Lights To Her Shadow,” the author details “mall runs” where Jackie, her grandma and aunts would drive to the malls and “take stolen goods back to department stores like Saks Fifth Ave, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.”

Jackie’s strained relationship with her daughter Takari has been highly documented, with Takari publicly bashing her mother for not supporting her. Last year,Takari started a GoFundMe account to raise money to pay for her son’s medical expenses and also penned an open letter to her mom via Twitter.

“When my son got hurt, I called who I thought it would matter to,” Ta’Kari wrote. “You have never met my son and haven’t seen the others in many years. What is a shock to others is just normal life to us. I’m sorry for the embarassment my son’s life has brought to you, and hope you can forgive me as I’ve forgiven you.”

With Takari’s new expose, reconciliation with her mother seems unlikely.


Jackie The Scammer? Jackie Christie’s Daughter Exposes Her In New Tell-All Book was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

40 thoughts on “Jackie The Scammer? Jackie Christie’s Daughter Exposes Her In New Tell-All Book

  1. Some of you bitches are just tacky! How can anyone defend Jackie’s bullshit? Must be bad mother’s yourself! Both daughter’s have verified that she wasn’t a good mother. Any mother that drops off their kid with Grandma ad never come back is just trifling! The same bitches that pull this shit are the same ones that scream that they don’t believe in abortions, they just believe in not taking care of their own damn kids! It’s disgusting!

  2. Sandra Bradford on said:

    As a Grandmother i know first hand if you dont know your grandchilds birthday you are a horrible parent you should at least know rhe month this goes to assume her daugher and her realtionship sucks Jackie your are a Monster

  3. Jackie is a disgusting human.Im binge watching old seasons and I just dont understand why anyone is friends with this loon. She is seriously off the chain insane. Right now I just watched the scene where Jackie played her game to get January to tell Angel Brinks that she slept with her ex, then Jackie once again plays victim. She is a narcissistic, mentally insane person. She is disgusting on so many levels.

  4. Beverly A. Moore on said:

    This Season of Basketball Wives truly illustrated to me the other side of
    Shaunie. Let’s just say one visist the Bronx has made her a rude girl.
    It is truly dishearten to analyze once Evelyn joined the cast; she
    Has created a “Mean Girls Club” which created her to monopolize, fabricate,
    Instigate, agitate, and be a conspirator on those who she considered
    To be weak link. Evelyn truly needs to relinquish herself from Jackies
    Daughther, and try to find some other tea to spill; she misrepresents the Bronx in
    The wrong way. Woman from the Bronx do not get down like that, girl bye get
    A life. Malashia is a ride to die friend. She truly supports Jackie and accepts
    Her for who she is. Tammy, let’s say her character does not want to affiliated with
    individuals who continuously like poking the bear. Congrats on Tammy, she will
    Be in a series, or movie “Bye Felicia” girl you can say that so smooth. Tell Evelyn to stop
    Bitting, they are not looking for an under study.
    Now on the for real , for real Shaunie really needs to reflect on how she over looks
    Evelyn when she and Jennifer were bullying Jackie on the down low at the Women Empowerment
    , really, is she Scared to step on Evelyn toes, Please. The world does not evolve around her.
    Finally, as Tammy has indicated, Shaunie, Tammy, Jackie are like sisters, there are going to have
    Ups and down. In all honestly I hope and pray that Shaunie does not dismiss Jackie from the cast , just to give Jennifer and Everlyn anther opportunity to bully someone else. On Seaso n6 when Shaunie and Tammy had place rose petals on the outside patio and provided music for Doug and Jackies Wedding Aniversary this what a true friendship and sisters is supposed too be.
    There is a true friendship Jackie and Shaunie, there are always haters and instigators. Yes, there are clicks in the cast; however, the behavior of Shaunie attitude towards Jackie makes her less attractive.
    In other word she should be a leader and not a follower.

    • Luvy Kuhlman on said:

      Shut up Jackie. Had a mother just like you. I see you. You’re done and you’re too stupid to see it. You hate your daughter because she is so much like you. When you get sober you will regret daily the rest of your life how you treated that child. I KNEW that’s what you were long before the book.

  5. All of those BBW are fake. Tami is a bully and an instigator. What is with her eyes? Maylasia thinks she is all that and a bag of chips. Evelyn is irrelevant. She is what they say, an athletic whore. She has dated an athletic in darn near every sport. She is old looking, talking about starting a family??? Jackie is too old to be with these young chicks. Shaunie is shady. She might be the boss but she is an undercover instigator too. All these bbw do is drink, shop, show their body parts, especially their chests. All of them have their boobs out. On Mike Vick wife, where did he get a yacht? I thought he was broke. Jennifer is an ass kisser. She has no backbone. A flake.

    Just saying.

  6. At the end of the day that is Jackie and her daughter business both sides are DEAD WRONG what ever happened God will handle that SILENCE IS GOLDEN… EVERY SAINT HAS A PAST AND EVERY SINNER HAS A FUTURE SOCIAL MEDIA is NOT FAMILY COUNSELING.😃

  7. Jackie seems like the type of woman that wears her heart on her shoulder and gets very defensive about things she is passionate about…. this whole season Evelyn has been throwing shade at Jackie from day one and inserting herself into Jackie and her daughters relationship a bit too much as if she is obsessed with it…. but only god knows what the real story is…,, so I’m gonna pray for theses women….. but Evelyn is the real messy on always has been

    • Serenissima on said:

      Evelyn is messy and needs to mind her own business because she’s not a fucking saint either. She’s a gold digger hopping around and if you’re serious about IVF stop fucking drinking!

      • I thought Evelyn and her fiance are broken up so maybe that is why she is back on the show. So I guess she should have been sweeping around her own front door instead of worrying about Jackie…😒😒😒

  8. Nobody knows what went on but God. There are 3 sides to every story there’s jackies , tacarhi and the truth somewhere in the middle. I know how family members can lie and twist things to make things seem worse. Now if the daughter is telling the truth then Jackie will get what she has coming to her and vice Versa but I think that other ppl should mind their business. One thing you shouldn’t do is get involved in ppl family business it’s a good way to get your a$$ kicked. Evelyn need to get her life together trying to have a baby with a man that she isn’t married to. She needs to focus on that! Now she is messy too.

  9. Why is everyone arguing over their drama? At the end of the day if Jackie daughter telling the truth God will handle Jackie and if she not she’ll get what she deserve and Jackie will continue to live well. People always speaking on others drama but y’all need to worry about yourselves and fix your lives.

  10. Why is everyone arguing over their drama? At the end of the day if Jackie daughter telling the truth God will handle Jackie and if she not she’ll get what she deserve and Jackie will continue to live well. People always speaking on others drama but y’all need to worry about yourselves and fix your lives.

  11. Crystal on said:

    Jackie is a hot mess and shouldn’t be on the show. She is liar and starts drama. I think I’m gonna stop watching until they take her off. She shouldn’t get a dime for her evil ways.cry

    • Jackie the worst mother & grandmother delusional lying evil bitch you destroyed damaged your daughter’s soul May you burn in hell slow Get some clothes that fit cover up your stretched out mark on your breast and old body. Not everyone wants to see your ugly breast and body…Grow up old bitch. low life trash..

      • Margaret frost on said:

        I agree Jackie is an evil bitch who does not even know her grandchildren her daughter has every reason to feel the way she feels!! It’s disgusting that Jackie has no relationship with her daughter and grandchildren!! That takari had to start a go fund me page is beyond comprehension to me!! Rot in hell Jackie

  12. Liz T. on said:

    Im just not understandin that as a mother, on a Nana the deep rooted hurt between this mother & daughter. My heart would be so completely brken, I trully would have no words. But its not about these 2 adult women or what has happened (dont misundrstnd I feel for them.) But Rite Now these babies need their, grandmother, grandfather, an auntys to come together.

  13. They all need to stay out of each other’s business, but I totally feel that Jackie is a hateful, nasty human being. She tries too hard to fit in and it’s not a good look for her. It’s unfortunate that a mother and daughter are at odds. No one should interfere with that , however if her daughter needed help and Jackie refused I don’t blame her for reaching out to others. Evelyn did the right thing. She should have told Jackie , but she wasn’t obligated to inform her.

  14. Moni Black on said:

    I think Jackie is getting what her fake butt deserve always in everybody business and her is a hot mess Evelyn help her daughter and now Jackie calling her daughter some build a how cramp just rude Evelyn just keep ignore her she is demonic and acting all holy at the luncheon phony old bird that she is act your age Jackie too old to be in all that mess get somewhere and grow up and take care of your own family. Old ass Jackie Christie and find some clothes that fit please.

  15. Chioma on said:

    Jackie may have some issues YES but we the watchers knows that Evelyn have bigger issues. She is a snake in a green grass. I feel so bad for Jackie. EVELYN LOZADA leave Jackie and her daughter alone. Go fix yours self righteous bitch.

  16. Landa B on said:

    I hope Jackie stays strong . Her daughter is thirsty and messy as Evelyn Lozada. I mean why does this charity seem so important yet she cries about her past issues?Support charities that are relevant in your own life. You know this lady could help her daughter. Grown women talk to each other and do not attempt to drag each other through the.mud , but I guess she needed a story line. I’m sorry Evelyn and Jennifer AGAIN nice try Shaunie. Not sure what Jackie did to u but she is catching hell because of it. Money does not buy happiness, but a life partner can. Jackie keep it real and I hope you stay strong. Shaunie let us enjoy what’s funny on BBW. Please don’t attempt to MAKE your friends stars. Damn I thought Jennifer and Evelyn’s boring asses were gone…..ah well.

  17. leadjustone on said:

    Not everybody was tuning in just to see Jackie act a fool. All of them are too old to be fighting, but Jackie is probably the oldest. Any doubt about it, just take a look at her hands in that photo. The show has become an embarrassment. I no longer watch it.

  18. Martha Mckinley on said:

    Evelyn Lazada is so wrong in so many ways. She’s getting a kick out of what’s going on between Jackie and her daughter. She is the kind of bitch that will throw a rock and hide her hand. She would not like anyone to interfere with her and her daughter. So why does she keep instigating between Jackie and her daughter. Ta’Kair you only get one mother. Don’t say or do anything that you cannot take back and that you will regret. Because what goes around comes back around. And one day your daughter or son may do the same thing to you. Because what I do know is that no one is perfect not your mother not you. So please don’t blow things out of contortion. Please do not deliberately like when your mother for the sake of money. Tell Evelyn Lozada to mind her own business. I pray that you and your mother work this situation out. Because nothing good will come of this and you are only hurting each other and your children. I will pray for the both of you.

    • Landa B on said:

      Yeah…what is wrong w/Shaunie putting her back on the show. She is so evil! Jumping from cash register to cash register. It’s obvious Jackies daughter feels entitled. Like why don’t you have your OWN insurance for your child. Why are you not taking care of yourself? I guess you can now that you wrote a book about your mom. Daughter Dearest….mess mess meas. Go fund me? Child really? Take care of your children yourself!!!!!!

  19. Cecilia Ventris on said:

    Takari needed help with her son’s medical expenses and set up that GoFundMe account, Evelyn donated $3,500 to help that little boy. Evelyn did not and does not need Jackie’s permission to help takari out don’t get it twisted people! Jackie has always had an issue with takari on many different levels one being that takari is darker than Jackie other daughter. Jackie is a self-righteous b****that thing she’s above even Jesus Christ and I am sick of her drama and always drawing attention to her old hungry ass! I have no idea why Doug Christie is still married to this nasty b****! I hope Shawnie finally puts Jackie ass off the show. Jackie is the one who is the instigator always causing problems between the women talking about loyalty this and loyalty that she ain’t loyal to nobody but herself! Jackie just trying to stay under cover and now she’s being put on blast because she was one f*****-up mother! Get that b**** off the show and takari release that book because I’m going to buy it! The rest all you haters kiss my ass!

    • Landa B on said:

      Go do Bless Doug for supporting. His wife!!!! Why does Evelyn care about JACKIES daughter. There are many other charities she could help to help others. Why do these children feel entiitled? She had time to write a book, but does not know how to fill out a application for medical assistance. This child is messy as hell!!!! Evelyn is messier with her gold digging a**! Misery loves company! I pray Jackie and Doug hold each other down!

    • Chastity on said:

      Cecelia, I am with you on this. I cannot stand Jackie. She always want to be the center of attention. She tries to make everything about her. I am so sick of hearing her vulgarity. She says some of the nastiest things. It is embarrassing and I do not know why Doug puts up with her. She is disgusting. She is TOO OLD to act the way that she does. SI wish they woul get rid of her!!!

    • Lottie on said:

      I’m going to buy it too. Jackie is a fake ass bitch . She’s the kind of bitch that throws a rock n hide her hand. Always talking about sex like that really makes her sound n look good. If she was the right kind of mother her daughter wouldn’t have had to set up a go find me for her child’s engeries . That’s a self old bitch . She takes everybody problem in try to make it about her. I think Shaunie is now seeing this. N she want b on next season . If so I want b watching it. She treats her daughter that way bc her skin is to dark. Jackie is a drunken nut. Doug out getting him some no drama pussy. Send that bitch Jackie on her MF way . By bitch!

  20. Mz. Bren on said:

    Evelyn is dead ass wrong for that Jackie situation. She runs in the same circle with this woman and does not have the morals to ask her about that situation with her daughter before inserting herself in it. Then you want to blow up about your daughter. Many mothers and daughter, fathers and son and in between have family problems and that is nobody on the outside should take sides. There are two sides to every story. Even if Evelyn was going to still help, she should have had a woman to woman with Jackie. That’s just to far to go for an outsider. Shaunie is playing in the background like she is clueless, and people have tuned in because of Jackie. Tami is a plus, but Jackie kept that show breathing. Evelyn was long gone and Jackie kept us tuned in.
    Have some respect for that first, and then talk to Jackie camera free and make it right Shaunie to help everyone who has helped you have a good show.. She has brought you plenty of revenue. You gave her a platform as well, but don’t throw her under the bus. You even admit that you knew she had problems all this time, but you kept the checks rolling with her. Don’t let her fade like that.

    • Luvy Kuhlman on said:

      Shut up Jackie. Now you can be the mommie dearest that no one wants to watch next season. Had a mother exactly like you. I see you.

  21. sylvia ackles on said:

    Looks like she should be glad that her mother is a messy person, otherwise she would not be revelant. Who gives a damn that she and her mother do not have a relationship….newsflash she is not unique in that situation. I do hope that she also took ownership of her part in the estrangement of the relationship and listed her criminal activities. ‘The apple does not fall far from the tree’.

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