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Who run the world? According to Beyoncè – girls. And the girls who are doing the most these days when it comes to entrepreneurial endeavors are Black women.

A 2015 report “State of Women-Owned Businesses Report” commissioned by American Express Open, provided some details on female-owned companies. African-American female entrepreneurs created businesses at a rate of 322% from 1997 on, the most of any other group.

Black women own 14% of women-owned businesses which amounts to about 1.3 million businesses. According to, the most Black woman-owned businesses are in Georgia, Maryland, and Illinois.

Carla Walker Miller, founder of Detroit’s Walker Miller Energy Services, is one of the most successful Black women entrepreneurs in the country. She has been around for over 17 years and has, according to Forbes in 2016, over 40 employees with annual revenue of $7 million. Below, she talks about her journey as an entrepreneur and how she became successful, as well as what advice she’d give to aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to follow in her footsteps.


Click here for a list of resources for female entreprenuers. 

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