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Wisconsin prosecutors questioned Monday whether Milwaukee County Jail staff members should face criminal charges for the death of inmate Terrill Thomas, who was found dead in his cell because of dehydration, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Barely two hours into his eighth day in solitary, jail staff found Thomas, 38, dead on his jail cell floor, the result of profound dehydration.

Prosecutors on Monday began the process of publicly airing the circumstances surrounding Thomas’ death in April 2016, opening their inquest into whether any jail staff should be criminally charged for failing to help him…

Through an opening statement and testimony from several witnesses, prosecutors laid out how the confluence of the violation of a sheriff’s office policy, an unusual jail practice, Thomas’ mental illness and inattentiveness by corrections officers led to Thomas’ death.

The inquest could take up to a week, with potentially 90 witnesses who could testify, reports WTMJ-TV.

SOURCE: Milwaukee Journal SentinelWTMJ-TV


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9 thoughts on “Milwaukee Jail Inmate Denied Water For 7 Days Before Death, Prosecutors Say

  1. Maemae on said:

    Who ever this Larry person is that comments on here everyday with all of his racist remarks against Blacks can you just go away? You take all the pleasure out of reading BLACK America Web. You do not belong on here and I would not be surprised if you are a KKK hiding behind your keyboard. If you hate Blacks so much why are you on here chiming in and no one is asking you anything about our world because you do not know. You just make up crap as you go on a daily basis, and all the name calling yeah that is really mature of you.

  2. I wonder what that POS Sherriff Clarke has to say about this man’s death and how he was treated??????


    Clarke’s Uncle Tom ass probably does not care.

    Sound like this young man’s parents have a credible LAWSUIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Parents? As in a married couple whose job it is to nurture, guide, educate, and install a moral compass in their children. Is that what you mean by “parents”? Come now. LOL

    • SheCat54 on said:

      They hate us so much but love to keep their funky dirty hands in our culture. So thankful and proud to be brown skin.

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