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Credit: San Bernardino Police Department

Two adults and a child have been killed by a gunman who opened fire in a classroom at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California on Monday at 10:30am in what’s being labeled a murder-suicide.

Cedric Anderson, 53, opened fire on his estranged wife, Karen Smith with a large caliber handgun in a class full of 15 special-needs students. Two students were wounded in the shooting and 8-year-old Johnathan Martinez later died of his injuries. According to police, the students were not targeted, they were just close to their teacher and were innocent bystanders.

Police did not specify a motive, but it appears the couple, who married in January, had recently been estranged. Reports say they were friends for four years before their marriage. Anderson had a history of domestic violence and a criminal record. Two prior cases involving assault, one where he allegedly brandished a gun, had been dismissed. When he and a former wife divorced, both had restraining orders against the other, according to reports.

He entered the school and signed in on the pretext of dropping something off to his wife. According to, Anderson had been a guest pastor for a radio show and lead Bible study groups. Police say he didn’t leave a suicide note, nor did he say anything before opening fire in the classroom.

Cedric Anderson and wife Karen in happier times.

Chief Jarrod Burguan confirmed the suspect is “down” and there is “no further threat.”

Just 17 months ago, San Bernardino was terrorized by a mass workplace shooting. The couple who orchestrated it were ISIS supporters.


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24 thoughts on “Three Adults, One Child Dead In Murder-Suicide At San Bernardino Elementary School

  1. Sheryl Smikle on said:

    The article headline and the article content are at odds. Two adults dead, one child dead and another injured. Why is it so hard to proof your copy. Adhere to the basics. It is a not a good look to have such fundamental errors in grammar and spelling and quality control issues. It is very frustrating, especially when nothing is done to improve the copy. Stop it. Have respect for your readers. Some of us are paying attention to how you say things.

  2. Paula on said:

    Why do we always blame the victim? You can’t and often do not know everything about a person. I am quite sure she did not expect or anticipate this man to come to her work to kill her and an innocent child. Let’s focus on the true villain and not the one we like to make up out of the victim. I know it’s scary to think that we all can be a victim of violence one day and we love to think that our safety is a result of our wisdom; but such a view is really quite naive to say the least.

  3. Alberta on said:

    What is wrong with some people? The brotha was SICK…Ladies don’t be out here marrying divorced men or guys who have had long term girl friends…I’m sure they both were in relationships before. What’s wrong with being single…I’m so grateful for my Mom, sisters & grandmothers example…just be by yourself….raise your kids…enjoy life the best way you can. Men are either possessive or they abandon us for someone else. Marriage is hard its NO fairy tale’s a Disney movie ladies..

  4. americanize on said:

    To my black brothers and sisters,Ignore the white savage beast that comes on this site,they have nothing important to say,there agenda is to cause chaos,don,t waste ur time responding to these devils,u know there not shit when they come on a black site every fu*kin day.

    • chris on said:

      Americanize, you should be attacking the plantation owners that have been keeping black people ill informed and in line. I am speaking of the leftist and the house negroes that they pay to lie to you. The leftists that only “care” for POC when November rolls around. Are you afraid of the truth? Look at the inner cities, except for NYC, they’ve been controlled by democrats for fifty years.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Yup, ignore the truth and cold hard facts. How well has that been working out Americanize? Pull your head out of the sand and take a stand, be a focking man for once in your life. Call out those who erode our neighborhoods like a cancer. Call out baggy pants on the corner selling weed to Middle schoolers. Call out Welfare Wanda who just pumping out kids by any man who wanna hit it, just to fatter her monthly check for Uncle Whitey. Call out those who won’t give our president a chance because he’s white and wealthy.
      I’ll wait…….

  5. americanize on said:

    First and formost condolences to the families that lost love ones in this senseless murder.Is it just me that lady looks a lot like Viola Davis.

  6. Dr. Larry on said:

    Black women so desperate for a man they do no due diligence or ignore glaring red flags. We got to do better Peeps.

  7. Maybe it just me, but it seems like the handwriting was on the wall – domestic violence in the past, restraining order from ex wife, banishing a gun in the past. Don’t let love blind ya.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      I think weave is affecting how black women brains function. Clearly there was no thought given to his prior behavior.

      • Diane on said:

        This woman died and your ignorant ass is talking about fu**kin weave. Really?? Your simple minded ass need to go f yourself. Your punk ass is probably wearing a weave, fool.

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        My point was, she wasn’t thinking straight or at all. This man was dangerous and had a past that was easily discoverable. Are black women that needy for a man they will take anything? It’s cra-cra

  8. Diane on said:

    This story breaks my heart. To see those babies leaving that school lined up is so disturbing. It’s scary to see that we can’t send our kids and grandkids to school w/o fearing for their lives. 🙁

  9. Chris on said:

    This ain’t a black thing, a gun thing, or a school shooting, this is murder. No gun law or any law, was going to stop this mutt from killing his ex-wife. If she had a restraining order, this shows that piece of paper is worthless. Very sad that this scumbag decided to do it a school.

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