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10/20/2015 - Tamron Hall - Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Gala - Arrivals - Waldorf Astoria New York Hotel, 301 Park Avenue - New York City, NY, USA - Keywords: Vertical, Radio, Award, TV Show, Television Show, Photography, Portrait, Arts Culture and Entertainment, Arrival, Attending, Celebrities, Celebrity, Person, People Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 - False - Photo Credit: Lisa Holte / - Contact (1-866-551-7827) - Portrait Face Count: 1

The National Association of Black Journalists is calling out NBC for its treatment of Tamron Hall.

The group released a statement Wednesday accusing the network of “whitewashing” to clear a path for former Fox News star Megyn Kelly, who was hired earlier. Kelly is expected to take over the third hour of Today, which Hall had co-hosted with Al Roker since 2014.

“NBC has been a leader for diversity in broadcasting, but recent reports that Hall and Roker will be replaced by former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly are being seen by industry professionals as whitewashing,” the group said in a statement.

The organization has requested a meeting with NBC executives to discuss “the top-rated show’s dismantling.”

“We look forward to dialogue and resolve regarding Black journalists and their continuing roles at NBC both in front and behind the camera.”

Hall, 46, broke ground as the first Black female Today co-host when she was promoted to the position in 2014. She had been with MSNBC since 2007.

Kelly’s NBC debut is expected to happen this fall. Her Fox News contract expires in July, but she signed off from the network in early January after announcing her decision to leave.

According to reports, Kelly is making anywhere from $12 million to $15 million with NBC. The 46-year-old former corporate attorney turned down a reported $25 million yearly salary with Fox, citing a desire to not work nights hosting a prime-time program — she hosted a 9 p.m. show called The Kelly File — and a need to spend more time with her three young children in afternoon and evening hours instead.

NBC defended itself from the criticism in a statement.

“NBC News has a long and proven history as an industry leader in newsroom diversity,” the network said in a statement. “We will continue to engage in the running dialogue we’ve had for many years with the National Association of Black Journalists and other advocacy groups to advance those goals.”

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21 thoughts on “NABJ Seeks Meeting With NBC Over Tamron Hall Departure

  1. Calexfo on said:

    Jobson, it appears to me that FOOLS like you use every medium to spew your racist bigoted trash and nonsense about black people while you are really nothing, just an opportunist with a keyboard. You are not only disgusted in your comments and obviously have not visited your peers in the inner cities and the back woods of this country who cannot even spell their names. Implying that people like you are smart is fraught with nonsense because it is stupid to infer such stupid talk and sheer nonsense. You have the gall to write such racist statement because you believe you can. Your brand of trash is not only unfortunate, but it shows that your type sure have a problem with who you are…a nobody just profiling and talking trash about other people while people even don’t see you because you are so small. Go take a break and check yourself.

  2. Tamron Hall represented the women that I saw all my life the beautiful black women that I grew up admiring everyday women such as my mother, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, teachers and neighbors. Young beautiful black women such as the daughters I have raised. Class recognizes class and that sister has class and style. Women who had social grace and unbelievable style. Women who was not just dressed but well dressed, women who spoke with dignity and a smile. America does not want to look at the beautiful women that we are the media would like to keep figures on the t.v. of us who speak with no intelligence and class but the representation is inaccurate and belittling. Tamron Hall is a Baa……….d sister who will succeed wherever she goes.

  3. People DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME RESPONDING TO LARRY, CHRIS, or PETER who I’m willing to bet are one, and the same dumb trolls ….trolling for free. I’d have to get PAID in order for me to troll. LOL Talk about slave labor. LMAO

  4. NubianQueen on said:

    Let’s see what your IQ is you moron!!! You obviously have no life or friends because you have to insert your putrid, unfounded, racist comments on this site. I’m sure your IQ fall way below the Bell Curve!! Now get off this site and go screw yourself.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Because ratings fell in her time slot, Kelly is better qualified, and will appeal to the target demographics. It’s the way business operates.

      • Larry hairhat it figures that you would provide “alternative facts” when the truth will do. Please read a quote from Ms. Hall “It was especially surprising after receiving an email of praise from the co-executive producer just days before about how they were No. 1 in the ratings for seven weeks in a row.” It appears ratings did not fall in that time slot
        You Trump supporters need to get it together, why lie when the truth with do?

  5. strange comment “sir” look up melanocyte everyonw has black in them melanin means black and cyte means cell melanocyte means black cell malanin gives you your skin color eye color and hair color an individual such as Tamron Hall is melanin rich and beautiful think about what you are saying and educate yourself before making foolish statements

  6. Marilyn on said:

    I’m standing up for Tamron Hall by writing a letter to
    NBC and posting a statement on Facebook. How dare NBC treat this beautiful, intelligent black woman this way. Not on my watch. Don’t just complain, pick up your pens and use your voice. If the treat the best of us this way, how about the rest of us?

    • Tamron Hall represented what a beautiful Black woman acts like and looks like I watch Tamron to see what she is wearing . America likes to portray Black women in the negative and Tamron Hall proved them wrong with her style , class, and grace. She was the best dressed with her style and she exuded charm and intelligence . I was proud to see her on television and American did not want to see her outclass the others. And outclassed them she did.

  7. Beverly McCartha on said:

    My comment was erasr before it posted all black g to black American ms hall we love you. I will never watch 4 again

  8. Susan Douglas on said:

    This is shame. So, it’s alright to move awesome journalists Tamaron, Al and Ann Curry (former journalist NBC) to make way for Savannah Guthrie and Megan Fox. That says a lot to us.😡

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