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The mother of Frank Ocean is the latest to publicly protest gospel singer Kim Burrell in the wake of her anti-gay sermon that went viral.

In the footage, Burrell, also a pastor at Love & Liberty Fellowship Church in Houston, is shown preaching about “the perverted homosexual spirit,” and “the spirit of delusion and confusion [that] has deceived many men and women.”

Ocean, who opened up about his bisexuality in a July 2012 Tumblr post, features Burrell in his track “Godspeed” from his 2016 album “Blonde.” So his mama, Katonya Breaux, felt the need to say something in defense of her baby.

As previously reported, Ellen DeGeneres announced Tuesday that Burrell “well not be appearing on my show” in the wake of her anti-gay remarks. The singer was scheduled to join Pharrell for a performance of their song “I See a Victory” from the Hidden Figures soundtrack.

Pharrell also shared a message on Twitter without referring to Burrell directly, saying, “I condemn hate speech of any kind.”

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