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kanyewesttmzssLooks like Kanye West is feeling good enough to travel. Not just across town, but across the country. He was spotted in the Big Apple on Monday. He’s said to be there on business.

Paps as well as a TMZ video guy caught up with him in NYC and there appear to be no apparent lingering aftereffects of his recent breakdown, unless you count the blonde dye job. So far, since leaving the hospital, Kanye’s still not all that talkative (which might not be a bad thing), and he’s been seen at several different spots around the city … including his recording studio.

Reportedly, he’s been working on new music since his release from the hospital.

So far, so good also applies to Kanye’s soon-to-be former brother-in-law, Lamar Odom, who’s checked into a rehab facility in San Diego which was first reported by E! News. Seems he made the decision to go on his own according to a source close to the former NBAer.

TMZ is reporting that he’s been there for 4 days, and there’s no timetable as to when he’ll leave.

As you know, if you’ve followed his situation, Khloe Kardashian convinced Lamar to enter treatment back in August 2012, but he only stayed for 3 weeks.

Khloe and Lamar, will be officially divorce on December 17 as a judge has finally signed off on their divorce.

PHOTO: TMZ screenshot

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